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Await for my poisonous love……

I wandered in search of a flame among the fire.. A flame which will cool down the fever , since me in womb. Entwined this flame to my soul forever. after years of penance.. Longing to melt in those poisonous … Continue reading

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Love showered in abundance,but got addicted to a poison,an emotional poison around.Spreading slowly in thoughtsday and night,breaking my circadian rhythm Making his place selfishly,engraving me in addictive tranquility. Thought to relish each sipbut irresistibly swallowed in haste.. Even though mind  resistinghard,silly heart craving … Continue reading

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Bright ocean

As wild river,in my course of flow..Furiously advanced towards the ocean.Never imagined an ocean so bright,will wash away at once in its tides.Found amazed amidst of dolphins and mermaidsWhistling and singing in joy on my arrival…Quiet waves displaced me inwards … Continue reading

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Your baggage should be opened by yourself..Never depend on others to lean on,as it will lead to suffering!!

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My Portrait…

Heart full of unconditional lovedormant since me in womb …Compassion tinted with passionaround as I bloomed…..Eventually realizing love asthe only truth in life..Found a reflection of me in present.Inclined to sit under this solitaryshade in the scorching sun..A longing to … Continue reading

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Love doesn’t require any language,religion,education,norms or culture.Just let ones heart rule your inner and outer kingdom.Live your life in love,spread its fragrance around you and to distant  lands not by possession….

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Best friend is one’s inner self….no one can replace that inner voice,it will never go wrong and it will never leave you alone….Add caption

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A drop of Love…

Tattooed your name on my body,but forget to draw a line within my soul.Abundance  around couldn’t pacify my indigent soul.Perspired for six feet to rest in peace.captive for life in this frame.Persistant inertia for the glitters around.Fail to look at the … Continue reading

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Creation bear the strain of delivering millions of stars from nebula..Knowing, eventually to burn down some day.Rivers flow fiercely to meet the ocean.Rolling hefty boulders along her path,Cutting rocky mountains,designing her course unaided… Flowers bloom spreading fragrance in the airApprehend to … Continue reading

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