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Realization of yourexistence halted thethoughts of detachments.Brewing with in me,inciting me to bluffthe vague tints of nature. Withdrawn in thesedespair since coon’s age . Nomadic in  pursuitof you in the trailsof life,couldn’t treasureyou in my yesterday,sidelined in today’sbargain,ambiguousoutlook in dark … Continue reading

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Steve wondering , “What to write today” ? I am a fool in love. Shall I post it to, email Sonnet-Does  this really go any where?.Jesus is the way for me,Still time for ,Lunch with Simone,Why have faith?Laid to waste. Jealousy  sprout … Continue reading

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Glimpse of two sensualflares,dribbling  honey.Always enticing meto gaze in thirst . Intoxicating fragrancefrom your luscious flares,invigorating  scatteredmemories of succulent desires of  heavenly fruits ,brewing deep in me. Wish this ambrosia deepon cheeks sucking .Crushing my lips,asphyxiating and instilling the lost vigor.Place … Continue reading

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                                                                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR WILLIAMS JI MAVELI   William ,a star born on a beautiful day in April. As a reminiscence of the day Shakespeare gasped his first … Continue reading

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“Yesterday was my sweet hearts birthday,she is 4.5 billion years old…pretty old,she should not hear me..,”laughed President ,thinking about his love.He lives in Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park , Visalia , California..He remembered the first day of his origin … Continue reading

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Me in my  little cosmos in a mystical dance. Sprinkling vivid colors from my.. creative rainbow.. BY PIUSHA ( MY NEW PAINTING ,DEPICTING ME………)

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Envision a man ,an exotic entity.From a covert realm , seized mysoul in his first contemplation.Adoring the buried treasures .Dandling this frame ultimately.Flare your fleshy rims on my neck. Behold me with spicy kisses,tempting ,till  tasting blood.Blossoming vivid florets within,chiseling  me  into an Aphroditeencroaching my vast fortunes,cherish you in my … Continue reading

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An inherent weedamidst the bloom..Born once ina million years.As a reminiscenceof neglected love.Existing in a doomedzest of incessant chain.Love grinned froma secluded terrain.Always a mockery amid the horde.An eternal graveof miseries in self.Rejection a routine, tears never rolled out as … Continue reading

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Spring alive with your advent Intrusive lights kindled the lost flame .Showers of kindness tranquilized ,the agony in the drought stricken lands of my marbled heart… Your agony filled my desolate ardour .Warm ambience dwindled the distances ,frolicked clasping in your thoughts .Peace vanished in … Continue reading

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 Alan’s body was laid to rest only 3 months ago, Meg not recovered from the sudden demise of her beloved.She is under medical care ,getting psychiatric treatment for depression,as she  gazed through the window in stillness, lifting her 6 month  old infant ,” Aimee” in her … Continue reading

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