Kawasaki Ninja. Chapter-1


At last, Spring arrived in her full glory, last week’s revolt’s effect still alive in the town of port ford. Shops are closed early,streets empty and can see few people rushing back to home after work.Mavis looking at her watch, said to herself ,”already 10 pm,Justin promised  me to pick by 09.30 pm ,still no sign of him”.Mavis is waiting for Justin, whom she met a month ago ,for their first night out.Mavis smiled , thinking about the enchanted land of Paradise,their dream land. But no sign of Justin yet.She murmured to herself,” sorry darling I got stuck some where”,his usual lines, she remembered with a smile.

Standing alone near to the bus stop ,Mavis’s ears craving to hear the crystal sound of her favorite motor bike ,Kawasaki Ninja the black beauty in Justin’s life.Justin calls her ,as his second love and some times he talks to her as if she is alive. Many nights, Mavis dreamt about going on a long ride enjoying the  twilight with her man on his black beauty .Suddenly, she saw four men crossing the road,advancing towards her.Her heart pounding fast, as she still remembered the  death’s of  innocent people in  last week’s violence.Mavis saw one man in red jacket, holding a bottle of Rogue beer, rubbing his lips and pointing a finger towards her saying,” catch that  lonely bird,lets have a feast .. “No time to think her brain commanded to run.Mavis ran as fast as she can.She said to herself,” thank God! I ‘m wearing runners not heels,unlike other days”.

A strong firey light glared her vision,She stopped suddenly panting for breath.It was a motor bike ,she saw a man in black jacket and face covered with a helmet, riding the bike. In a second ,Man grabbed her hand and told her  to sit back.She followed the instruction like a puppet.Mavis sat in surprise thinking ,”Who is this savior in helmet?”And my wish remained a wish., a tear trickled her cheek thinking about Justin.The bike stopped near to the foot path,and she heard a familiar voice.”Sorry darling  for being late”million’s of sun’s glow seen, in an instance, on Mavis’s face.But Pretended to be angry,saying “those rogues might have harmed me”..Justin held her hand and said” Trust me darling, I’m here with you .Let’s go to paradise”..

                                                                                                                  ( to be continued….)


About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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2 Responses to Kawasaki Ninja. Chapter-1

  1. anand sankar says:

    This is beautiful


  2. Piusha Singh says:

    Thnxxx Dear friend Anand,For your kind remarks..


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