Mavis sat behind Justin,reluctantly wearing the helmet offered by him before the ride.Thus they began the ride to paradise on the magical Ninja,a secret to the world . Looking at her watch she said to Justin,”It’s nearly 11pm ,how many more hours we have to travel?”Justin replied,”Oh,let’s enjoy this ride for another 2more hours ,before we reach Paradise.”Mavis murmured  in her mind,”Wow! 2 hours ride on Ninja along with my love, now I feel ,I’m in paradise.”. Justin stopped the bike near to a fuel station, out side the city, to refuel and check the air pressure.She brought some fruits,chips and water to drink.as she hates fizzy drinks.Justin enjoys whatever Mavis likes,that deep is their love.

Mavis asked Justin,”  could i  enjoy the ride without helmet?” Justin said,”once we reach the countryside ,you can take it off before the short break.”They continued their journey.Leaving the city ,entering into the narrow national roads .Mavis looked up at the sky ,full moon ,clear starry skies,she rejoiced.Riding through the curvy road Mavis try to hold Justin’s shoulder reluctantly.An intense feeling building up within them.A yearning for the bodies to stay proximate .Justin applied a sudden break as if like a mind reader, forcing Mavis to fall forward on his back.That touch fired the  rising passion inside them. Justin asked her to take off her helmet and to hold him tight.Mavis blushed  taking off her helmet,and gently held his leather jacket.Feeling his cuts.Without her knowing ,her fingers craved to feel him.Slowly she moved her hands towards his chest ,bracing him  tightly to her,her hairs dancing along  with the wind,she stayed there in bliss.

Ninja moved slowly, crossing the green maize fields near a village . Justin stopped the motorbike near to the milk wood pine ,to take a break from the journey.Fragrance from its flowers diffusing all  around that area.Justin looked at the watch 12  midnight, still time to relax.”While Mavis drank water from the bottle ,Justin enjoyed the flow of water down her throat in the twilight. Mavis appeared like a goddess  in the dimness.They sat under the tree ,Mavis kept her head on Justin’s shoulder.He caressed her slowly ,moving her hair aside on the face,asking her, “can i kiss you?”. Mavis kept her eyes closed and said,” yes dear”. Justin held her face and planted a kiss on her luscious lips , his beard  stimulating to unfold  her lusty treasures vigorously, they remained in bliss for minutes.Silence around appeared as the entire universe was waiting for this unification. Slowly Justin begin to feel her curves and Mavis enjoying each moment in ecstasy,breaking all inhibitions.They felt themselves as wild horses ,exploring the unknown territory.Justin relished her with his  tongue and  Mavis moaned in pleasure,while Justin progressed as a wild stallion.She carved her nails into his back as she stormed towards him in vigour. Bodies melted in primitive rhythm ,uniting souls. Mavis  felt her world complete , relaxing on Justin’s chest.Justin kissed her lips and said ,”I love you”..Suddenly a loud noise torn the silence and Justin looked around to find…….
                                                                                                         ( to be continued……)


About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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