In my wildest midnight reverie ,
cardinal discern  of your essence ,
brought  shivers of  joy in my frame,
eyes twinkled filling with tears,
lost my voice at your sight.

Contemplation stopped by brain
only my heart thumped faster and
louder  in trance .
When you first grasped my hands
heard an unknown  melody .

My cold hands feeling the
heat of your  sultry ardor.
The twist and twirl of our fingers,
creating the magnetic encase
of  unborn primitive passion.

The touch from your skin ,
Electrified the cells within me.
My slippery fingers craving
to be in this grip forever.
Stay alive in your subliminal anchor…………..


About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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2 Responses to "SUBLIMINAL ANCHOR "

  1. Tito Dutta says:

    Nice poem and nicer image.


  2. Piusha Singh says:

    Thnxxx dear Tito for your kind support.I love that image..


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