Alan’s body was laid to rest only 3 months ago, Meg not recovered from the sudden demise of her beloved.She is under medical care ,getting psychiatric treatment for depression,as she  gazed through the window in stillness, lifting her 6 month  old infant ,” Aimee” in her hand. Meg remembered those ecstatic days , in deep sigh, feeling her wedding ring.When they first met ,in the metro station and their friendship bloomed into romance.One rainy day , Meg was rushing to shelter herself from getting wet in the train station. Alan  Kneel before Meg’s surprise in the heavy rain ,proposing her . Tears rolled out ,as she she said ,”I Do my Alan.” Aimee broke the silence by her jargons ,”Maa , maa, ttaa ,ttaa”,Meg kissed  her and said, “Mama is here”.

Everything was quick their Marriage ,pregnancy. Birth of Aimee, added extra sweetness in their world,till Alan was found hanging in Aimee’s room, nothing said nor written about this incident by him . Before ending his life, Alan kissed Meg and requested her not to go for work . But as usual ,playfully she kissed him and was getting ready to catch the metro, When little Aimee started crying continously. Aimee’s grand mother Ann too witnessed the tragedy, who visited them  for a short stay . Ann screamed in shock seeing  Alan ,hanging on a  ceiling fan. Meg dashed the cup in her hand. She ran towards Alan and collapsed suddenly. In shock she was for a month ,just  sat on the bed, staring at the wall all day and night not able to cry or talk . Dr .Martin , psychiatrist has handled Meg ‘s case very well. As now , Aimee is getting her mother’s affection.

Meg whispered to Alan’s photo in her pendant”, Oh Alan our little birdy’s 4th Birthday today. How the years passed so quickly? still the memories so fresh” wiping her tears . Meg smiled ,hearing Aimee saying”I wanna eat a thocolaate cake” still in baby talk, for her birthday.This day gathered memories each year for both. Little one is a box of happiness, a chatter box talking to the walls , trees,  dolls, dog ,birds, anything on her way she want to talk and play. Now a days a sadness persisted in her smile ,felt lonely always . As she missed her mother who  is working ,day and night  for her child’s better future . Forgetting Aimee ‘s  little happiness, as a Mom ,can’t blame Meg.

Meg got a job in a call centre at night. Aimee was left at night in one of her friend’s house and collected in the morning, until Ann will be there to mind little one ,in 3 weeks time. Aimee always  happy to go near uncle Joe and aunt Jane .They were kind couple. Jane’s brother George lived with them as he worked  in a meat factory ,nearby. That night George took little Aimee to bed along with him. Aimee  fell asleep reading her book of angels.

But at night she woke up as ,she found George lying on top of her. Aimee cried, telling George “leave me George ,I can’t breathe “.But he threatened her and torn her little soul into pieces . Many nights it continued ,with a deep wound in her soul , without any physical injuries. Little Aimee ,counted  the stars , reading her book of angels. She is quieter,scared ,withdrawn within her self. No one to express her dislikes. Often she woke up screaming seeing a nightmare, Aimee was  a brave kid but now afraid of darkness , she will cry aloud if left alone. Meg noted this new developments but whispered to  Alan’s photo, “Once mum is here ,hope our birdy will be fine.”
Aimee sat on the door step ,eating a piece of chalk while scribbling on the floor. Suddenly she ran outside ,noticing Ann .They both hugged in excitment ,Aimee hugging  Ann  like a little monkey . Kissing on her cheeks Ann said ,” darling granny will be here to play and read lots of stories at night  for long .” Aimee  gazed into her eyes with a little smile , a smile of hope ,her little eyes brightened hugging her granny.


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Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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5 Responses to "AIMEE"

  1. Anonymous says:

    A sad cautionary tale about who you can trust and who you can't. It was interesting and sad at the same time. I felt the abuse was stressed just enough for the reader to understand but not to graphic. Great Job Piusha.



  2. Anonymous says:

    A sad cautionary tale about who you can trust and who you can't. It was interesting and sad at the same time. I felt the abuse was stressed just enough for the reader to understand but not to graphic. Great Job Piusha.



  3. Piusha Singh says:

    Thnxxx dear Steve for gracing my little cosmos…


  4. Piusha Singh says:

    Steve,Glad to know you like it and thnxxx for your kind review


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