An inherent weed
amidst the bloom..
Born once in
a million years.
As a reminiscence
of neglected love.
Existing in a doomed
zest of incessant chain.
Love grinned from
a secluded terrain.

Always a mockery
amid the horde.
An eternal grave
of miseries in self.
Rejection a routine,
tears never rolled out
as my cheeks revolted.
Hazy eyes in turbid vision
scrutinized my devotion
in this frosty land .

Inhumed in the grave
of constant resentment.
Blanched emotions  of
cadaverous consciences .
Alive awaiting  grave
but deserted by death.
Loneliness a loyal
companion in  journey.
Time spent counting
shadows in the darkness.

Acrid words a delight ,
denial fossilized  around
as you felt me as undear.
False appraisals a routine,
awaited for a touch
of  mere illusion .
Life desolate in crowd,
in  shackles of
 my frail emotions.

I set my universe
ablaze ,everything
misplaced in life.
Love betrayed  me saying,
i betrayed love ,can’t continue
in this shell of poison
infecting my soul
without a cure.

Carving inside out 
into a non existing soul,
in this plane of mortals.
Perspiring for your
advent, to appraise 
my existence,by embracing
my darkness as the 
light in your life……………….


About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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