Envision a man ,an exotic entity.
From a covert realm , seized my
soul in his first contemplation.
Adoring the buried treasures .

Dandling this frame ultimately.
Flare your fleshy rims on my neck.
Behold me with spicy kisses,
tempting ,till  tasting blood.

Blossoming vivid florets within,
chiseling  me  into an Aphrodite
encroaching my vast fortunes,
cherish you in my sanctity.

Fondle me  exhaustively.
Your sculptured chest ,invoking
my wild reverie ,running fingers
lushly on  your succulent desires .

Engraving my name on your rear,
with my spikes, in a never ending whim.
Trespassing  X sins in oomph,
taste my  delicacies endlessly.

Stretch me ,lick my raising ecstasies.
Thaw  my frosty frame , playing around ,
Bathing in this unlimited lust
lets begin a new chapter in love.

Synching  your carnal pleasures,
Diffusing me in your soul forever.
Consort me in accomplishing this
 heavenly glee,nestle me in your
 wings, a refugee forever in my heart…….. 


About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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