“Yesterday was my sweet hearts birthday,she is 4.5 billion years old…pretty old,she should not hear me..,”laughed President ,thinking about his love.He lives in Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park , Visalia , California..He remembered the first day of his origin ,when as a seed falling on her bosom  in a cold evening.Lay in her lap for days ,when finally she  has given shelter to me to flourish .President said to the near by  sequoia trees ,”I am young ,only 3200 years in comparison to Jomon Sugi of Japan who is 7000  years old.But My love is oldest with my sweetheart ,Earth ..Humans call her in different names ,but i love to call her as Gaia .”  Jini ,the 300 year old  young sequoia , stood tall proudly, listening to the love story between Gaia and President.

“Gaia is the most beautiful planet in this solar system,she knows only to love and give.I reincarnated many times to be in love with her and  will  be in future .” said President overwhelmingly.All other growing sequoia trees heard him patiently,as they were waiting for President to talk about his love story since 500 years.General Grant 3000 years old,another sequoia tree from Kings Canyon National Park in California ,heard this conversation and said,”Hello,She is my love too President ,don’t misguide the youngsters.”President responded,” but that’s only one way,General .You may be world’s christmas tree and your trunk may be bigger but nothing compared to my love towards Gaia” .Theo, a 200 hundred year old said “I am frustrated we are so less in number and we can’t walk and talk like humans.They can’t even hear our sound”.

In gentle breeze President swayed ,that’s the way trees smile.And said,”5000 years ago earth was repleted with lush green beauty .That time ,humans lived in caves .They were very small in number but slowly multiplied so fast ,now a threat to Gaia and other species . Humans are evolving species ,with lot of intelligence but inutile .They slowly invaded us and other species here, that  now we are limited in national parks.I still remember those years of 19th and 20th centuries of industrial revolution . When many of our families were destroyed ruthlessly.Humans have forgotten that, living in harmony with nature is life .”

Countless trees were cut down,various animal’s habitat’s were destroyed.And many species are extinct due to their negligence.President added,”I remember my friends from east crying in anguish regardiing their survival ,as humans are overpopulated,struggling everyday for bread and shelter.That memory of our service to mankind is repressed.We provide the vital Oxygen for their existance, a cool atmosphere, trees love their carbon dioxide and  help in bringing rain .And  without us they can’t survive. Few people eat our species ,call themselves as  vegetarians ,while majority of the crowd feed our produce to animals to eat them  later,and love to be known as non vegetarians.In either case they are dependent on plant kingdom.”All trees listened in silence.

Gaia sighed and said,”whatever you said is true dear President,this is why “I LOVE YOU”.Humans’ industrial revolution has advanced them but left me wounded for ever.All the pollutants were pumped into my rivers,ocean,lands and they even didn’t left the outer space,an astraunaut named Edward Higgins,his glove is still along with other space junk revolving around me.It’s so annoying ,folks .I have embraced from seed to  carcass to any kind of waste within me.But now the time is up ,my bosom is full with hazardous nuclear pollutant’s .Products growing out from me either on land or sea are carcinogenic as I am polluted.I am voiceless these many years, nature tried to help me with bringing Tsunami,Hurricane,floods and fires .And many time i send violent tremors in disagreement still human’s not awakening and climate changes is inevitable due to man’s actions.  Increasing diseases , drought and famine are regular uninvited visitors on my plane,which i never wished.She gently rotated  sending silent tremors around in dismal.

President understood Gaia, reassured  her saying ,” But hope for a change, i heard still goodness alive, amidst few good souls incarnated on earth.They are trying to create awareness . Yesterday was celebrated as National Earth day,many trees were planted .Seeds of compassion towards you and other species were invoked within the younger generations of humans. And many national reserves are made to conserve the other species.Humans should control their growing population,as it has reached a dangerous level to their survival . As a result  their life is in a constant struggle filled with miseries,poverty for love and ration.Happy we should feel as they are promoting to convert their cities green and their environment clean.Damage done is irreparable.But these good efforts will bring good fruits to reap in future.Gaia smiled by sending small quakes which President yearn to receive ,swinging his branches side to side.All the sequoia trees swayed in happiness.Jini and General Grant said at once,”now We Know why you are PRESIDENT ‘S GAIA”….all of them waved side to side while earth in bliss discharged tremors in love.


About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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