Steve wondering ,
“What to write today” ?
 I am a fool in love.
 Shall I post it to,
 Poetry.com email Sonnet-Does
 this really go any where?.
Jesus is the way for me,
Still time for ,Lunch with Simone,
Why have faith?Laid to waste.

Jealousy  sprout ,when heard
an old man rap(I B S L I D N Y M)
Sexy knickers,my baby done left me.
Steve a wind of care (multiple senyru) ,
A new beginning, with excitement
of the first date.
When struck in traffic ,saying a Traffic Prayer
and eating a Fish Bowl , his routine.
He thought,Still I am a young stud,
sprinkling Spice of Life ,Watch out ,
Suicide is not the answer to traffic block.

Steve in dream,messaged his
 dream girl ,”Tarzan seeking Jane,
Lovely ebony can you see me ?.”
She said “yes”.An audition for eternity ,
No batteries required.
He woke up with a question
What’s there for tonight’s meal?
She replied PIGGY BACK ………HAIKU


(A Poem written in dedication to my friend Steven Gress from the titles of his poems…)

About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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