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I grabbed my cup of tea for a quick break before taking the new admission awaiting bed in geriatric unit.My colleagues were busy discussing their schedules and work pressure.Reading the news paper is a challenge now a days,time factor is … Continue reading

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Sky changed her hue  clouds paved the dark carpet ,thunders and lightening marked his advent on the distant mountain as splurge of  idyllic plethora. Discern on a distant alp, heard his lavish patter  on  the bosom of Terra,soaking trees,wind whistling … Continue reading

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"AN ESCORT" Liza sat listening to the country music , sipping wine, gazing into the starry sky, on an old rugged couch.Submerged deeply in vague thoughts ,she whispered sighing deeply ,.”I wish to be a bird”.Phone rang,”Liza, come down quickly, clients … Continue reading

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Bustling in a castle on a cloud ,Sculpted  it to dismantle in love.Unbounded affection pulsating,awaiting to submerge in the eyes. Ineffable adulation nurtured deep , living in your memories a pleasure .Peeked light in darkness on the amazingadvent of love,as … Continue reading

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"……….ME AN ALIEN…….."   Me an alien in generated with an exotic torso amid a green-eyed, avid robed crowd, vain prospect , exhilarating the atrophy of shoot. Birth and death my companions, in the star cluster ,Pleiades ,my  blue,dazzling ,array of seven … Continue reading

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Squandered in life i stand amidst the stormy ocean. covert in a drowning paper raft, amid the blanching  goal. Fancied tides whispering in shores ears,the tales of a lost  ship in a deceitful  ocean. Nevermore alive in a guilt of … Continue reading

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Descended an arachnid froma crook in the ceiling of myroom,dangling on a silk,nippingits jaws into my neck,paralyzingvenom diffusing in my claret briskly, mutating me into a  pedicel. Entranced in his alluring eyes ,persuading to fall prey to theunbounded love of his … Continue reading

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Alive in a parallel world of insanity, an obscured mystical land of uncertainty.Fairies , monsters spirits  my neighboursliving in harmony  in this slumberland .I perceive them strolling around ,gazing straight into my weary eyes.Inviting me to visit the forbiddenland,with their … Continue reading

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“Today is 15th April remember the treat you promised me last month for scoring 90 /100 in Maths “Aaliya reminded her elder sister Sarima .”Oh !!yes my cheeky sister”Sarima replied .Aaliyah waved at Sarima, saying, ” Sai an jima ,sister … Continue reading

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Pearl is as soft as a fluffy cotton ball.Her double coat as white as snowfall. Born as a runt midstthe other Bichon pups.My Heart skipped abeat on her first sight. No second thoughtsin the mind ,whileshe circled throughout,wagging her bitsy tail. … Continue reading

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