“Today is 15th April remember the treat you promised me last month for scoring 90 /100 in Maths “Aaliya reminded her elder sister Sarima .”Oh !!yes my cheeky sister”Sarima replied .Aaliyah waved at Sarima, saying, ” Sai an jima ,sister Sarima ” means ,Goodbye, in Hausa ,a local language spoken in Nigeria. Sarima waved back and said see you at 4 pm and went to her office in town by her scooter. Sarima is a reporter in Chibok’s local news channel “The Kick NEWS”, sipping a cup of coffee, read the breaking news in her favorite online e- paper Alzazeera .She whispered to herself “Dan Allah Taimaka!! ,means god help us, another bomb explosion inside church today in the neighboring town of Bama ,during mass ,nooo!!” Killing many innocent women ,children and elderly.

The Boko Harem’s a Nigerian  terrorist group attacking country  since  2002.Its an islamic group and takfiri militant and terrorist organization based in the northeast of Nigeria ,founded by late Mohammed Yousuf ,an Islamic clergy .They want a pure islamic state under sharia law.This group are against Christians and government  targets,bombing churches ,kidnapping tourists and also assassinated Muslim leaders not from the same group,in past for not supporting their demands.This group has occupied the northern Nigeria,N.Cameroon,Southern Chad and Niger .Boko Haram are against women empowerment,favoring slavery and dictatorship.

Sarima is typing the remaining bits for weekly news ,” Weekly Muse of Chibok” at 12 mid day in her office.She saw through the first floor window, men in motor bikes,”cars and jeeps shouting aloud jihadi slogan, “BOKO HARAM”!! BOKO HARAM !!means western education is forbidden .She received a call from her local news informer and friend named Aliu .Sarima answered phone ,”Hello Aliu ….Aliu responded in haste”Hello Sarima, Haramist in town ,have attacked the Chibok Public school , killing local security officers,teachers and kidnaped 300 girls in the age group of 8 yrs to 16 yrs .They set the near by houses on fire to scare the villagers”. Sarima in shock,shouted,”What ….???.,where is Aaliyah ?”Aliu  in one breath said,”Aaliya is missing along with other kids .I went on the spot, found many dead bodies of villagers and security officers around the school.”.Sarima ,replied,”I am coming “.She on her scooter moved towards the school.

 Aliu joined her on the way to school. A huge crowd outside the school,squeezing amidst them, she searched for Aaliaya but a teacher who survived the attack told Sarima ,”Aaliyah along with other kids were abducted into the woods by heavily armed Haramist .No trace of kids.People were afraid to act in response.” Sarima in shock couldn’t believe her sweet little sister being taken along with many others.  ,”Dan Allah Taimaka!!”she cried loudly,seen parents of children shouting and pleading at police officers.This incidence is the breaking news in national channels and news papers now.Sarima busy ,collecting information and relaying on spot ,to the local and national news channel  as a representative of The Kick NEWS from Chibok .Sarima worked day and night accessing informations from the locals and secret agents to know regarding their base ,but in vain.The town smells of death and smoke,parents are not sending their kids to school.

A local secret agent informed Sarima and the team that ,when the girls were transported via truck from the jungle into another location,around 40 – 50 girls  jumped out of the truck and ran back into the  dense forest of Sambisa ,in Borno state,Nigeria and 2 died due to snake bite.After a week of this heartbreaking incidence,a video footage is released by a man claiming to be Boko Haram leader Abubaker Shekau in which he threatens the world saying,” I abducted your girls and I will sell them in the market by Allah .There is a market for selling humans.He commands me to sell so I will sell women,I will sell women.Daughters of zion taken captive to be treated as slaves. Western education is sin,it should end.Girls ,you should go and get married”.Sarima along with the other national organisations is raising voice through processions,social media .

” This news seems to cool down due to Malaysian plane abduction,we should use social media to promote this news “, Sarima said to her friend Abdoul, a reporter from the National News Channel TV live ,based in Abuja ,the capital city of Nigeria .This hash tag “BRING BACK OUR GIRLS” born in Nigeria spreading across the world with One million tweets on twitter  and 1000’s of messages on face book, creating a stir in the media.And now after fortnight of that terrifying incidence ,world is responding.All world leaders and people around the world are campaigning against this Kidnapping.Further protests are due to be held across UK,US,Switzerland,South Africa and Jamaica.

Sarima along with the other national organizations  raising voice through processions,social media’s,news and discussions, reached at UNESCO level.President Goodluck Jonathan remained silent for 2 weeks and to the protests across the country ,eventually he pledged ,saying,” It’s expected to be terrorists”,he added ,”No group can affect our resolve .We will see this through to the endWe have the commitment and capacity to get it done .NO MATTER WE WILL GET THESE GIRLS”.Sarima in the international press conference represented Chikbok,saying ” we don’t know why the govt.is treating us lesser than animals.It’s just painful,we want our kids back,they are our future,we want justice,freedom from these terrified life, she wept…”Hoping the world organizations and other countries will take crucial steps to annihilate the terrorist and rescue the girls giving their freedom back…..

(Written as a tribute to the missing smiles on many faces in Nigeria,hope they get the justice soon and guilty get uprooted never to be seen again…)

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Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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