Liza sat listening to the country music , sipping wine, gazing into the starry sky, on an old rugged couch.Submerged deeply in vague thoughts ,she whispered sighing deeply ,.”I wish to be a bird”.
Phone rang,”Liza, come down quickly, clients are waiting” a rude voice at the other end of the receiver” .”.Okay Ann”!! she replied .Liza  hurriedly ,done her touch ups concealing all blemishes,hastily went downstairs.Saw two men awaiting for her,one stout in his early 60’s, another a young drug addict.Liza stood  awaiting  Ann ,as  she was busy displaying  the rate cards .£150 for  sensual services for 30 minutes ,£300 for intimate  involvement  lasting  45 minutes and £500 for full flung sex only for 90 minutes.This shift continue after a short break of 30 minutes for the whole night,if no customers girls can retire in their small rooms.

Liza is an escort girl since age 17 ,she joined prostitution to meet her college expenses .She  met many known faces from various walks of life ,in 5 years as an escort.Many times she was just seen as an erotic object .Slapped,boxed,kicked ,raped and thrown out of car.Liza worked in the beginning as an on call but slowly drawn into the drain as full time prostitute , due to the money earned.Its 5 am in the morning,when Liza was relieved from her long12 hours shift. Over strained and exhausted she lay on her bed gazing at the sky.A tear trickled down her cheeks. As she remembered,how she left studies, as got attracted to the hooking business.Initially ,people used to admire her and acclaim her but now just a toy in many hands.

 Yearly medical checks, on all escorts done including , Pap smear,a test to detect cervical cancer ,came positive,in 3 girls including Liza .She is now really apprehensive about her health and job. Sick workers won’t have any scope in this business,as they will be treated like weeds, thrown out of job ,if of no use.Liza got the pinch of fate, engrossed about her future ,Ann now a days babel more towards these three girls.Liza  looked at the two other girls and said,” i wanna die peacefully,I remember how  brave Sara was rehabilitated by” THE FIRE”a rehabilitation agency for sick and old sex workers.But getting in there is  crucial for our existence.Running away is the only preferred path for freedom.”….

About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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