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My Aeonian Devotion

Fascinated in this mysterious alchemy.Busted the illusionary bubble of ages.Figments of imaginations found truth,When drowning in deceptives shades.  Honesty reflected in an ancient ardor. Universe witnessed the union of my aeonian devotion, cherished by a  frozen frame of a rusty blue moon. … Continue reading

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A voice within my head.

Last night a voice in my head whispered, “Be free child from the thoughts of your own existence for 24 hours”. I questioned myself how to be free from my own thoughts for a day and a night. Lazily lying … Continue reading

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Eccentric Twinkle

A voice recuperates aroundin the silence, in a hazy dawn.Navigated from a jungle of strayed  thoughts, to drown once more in  the verses to calm my edgy mind.Intangible  encounters, entwinedthe nomadic souls in search ofeternal mist,endearingly forever.Impatiently awaited to drenchin … Continue reading

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Deep Slumber

Laid back in an array of flashbacks,shuffling through my astir mind’seyes, gathering series of nostalgicsketches of tales webbed in .Pristine images of a long race,willfully determined to crossthe rocky pools of a prejudicedorder, in abiding disharmony relayed.Endured in the leftovers of … Continue reading

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A New Blue Marble Drawn in frenzy reveries of insanity,Gnawing barbed realities of existenceZombies patrolling in tinted framesSheltering the perplexed in doom.Petrified entities awaiting a rayin terror stricken lands of promisesClusters of cold feet ,blue handsengulfed in claret, scattered around.Cowardly vultures lurking aroundDeception camouflaged … Continue reading

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Occult Lure

Tinkering the disjoinCohered to the perplexed Adapted to sustain inthe flare of a wildfire by the holocaust.Facing the harsh tidesplayfully ventured intothe mighty gallant. A new ray of hopearises in your wings.Merging the horizons,embracing you as truth.Incited in an occult lure.Radiance of your … Continue reading

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Psychedelic Game

Ripped out of your ribs,Took a leap of faith intotruth, underpinning the pegsRollicked in high jinks.Revived in impulsive tauntsTemper sprouting in desireLead wisdom to drop in idiocyPounding the yen with a hammer.Bricked into impolite mockeryDrowned in frenzy tales of yenSoul … Continue reading

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Indecisive Gospels

Strolling down the rocky trail, Entrusting you by closed eyes, Adhered into, despite the  evil eyes cropping around us . Sang indecisive gospels in love, my weary eyes ruffling in a tangle.Frisking truth in your essense,  gay filled in my … Continue reading

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Healing Hugs

William: I was crawling deep down the wood, Flowers of love blossomed on head, Red, yellow, blue, green leaves smile, Awaiting for her great Sun for a while Piusha: Gazing on the beauty of burning sun Warming in his arms … Continue reading

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Kernel Axis

Persisting pressure building withinSeeking a spout to discharge this oozeClogging the perspiring  existence Concealing the radiance of a shoot. Impregnating the pale shades of minePivot around the rudimentary coreSurviving in the leftovers of your roots.Bordering the kernel axis of the … Continue reading

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