Psychedelic Game

Ripped out of your ribs,
Took a leap of faith into
truth, underpinning the pegs
Rollicked in high jinks.

Revived in impulsive taunts
Temper sprouting in desire
Lead wisdom to drop in idiocy
Pounding the yen with a hammer.

Bricked into impolite mockery
Drowned in frenzy tales of yen
Soul thirsty for a new veneration
Worshiped as a malicious idol.

Absorbed in this psychedelic game
Matured  as a mottled grain in this
chromatic  illusory,since eons of 
seasons,in a delusory blue sky.

Picture courtesy to: Rants without

About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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3 Responses to Psychedelic Game

  1. This is profound ma'am. It's both bittersweet, and provocative in It's narrative quality. This piece would sound amazing ex vocis. due to it's lyrical nature.

    very well done.



  2. Piusha Singh says:

    Thank you Jeremy ,I am honored by your review and for sure i will try to give voice to this poem.



    Illusions in life are different aspects of vision that may fool someone into observing a color based optical illusion or a game of light such as the same color illusion. An object may be viewed under various conditions. This is actually extremely mind boggling if you understand what it means. It shows you how the time diversity can get really distorted. When you dream, it’s like watching a movie. There’s a progressive plot. But when it’s over, the memory of ‘watching’ the dream fades away and usually also the memory of what you saw. Only if you wake up during the dream, you remain with the experience of having seen it. It really gives you a feeling of how a future event can change the past. I guess it’s pretty much an ineffable experience, because you have to undergo it in order to wrap your mind around it. The same goes for psychedelics. For me, the moment of entering the dream is the feeling of waking up to a much bigger reality. Past events in my life take on a new form and shape. And it’s not just memories getting messed up, I feel as though my whole life takes on new meaning.
    When you are clear-headed, your experiences are broken down into frames of time. Every living moment is nothing more than the memory of the previous second gone by. It’s like you are not really a part of your life, but rather an entity within a body, gazing back at slowly fading horizons. That’s where psychedelics make a difference. When you are on it, time has no meaning. You experience emotions as pure boiling vibes of eternal energy. Past memories suddenly float all around you, free from the chains of physical constraints. You can travel back to the time when you were a fetus in a womb, and you can go even further back.
    Please accept my congratulations for sharing a amazing verse. Good luck, God bless


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