A voice within my head.

Last night a voice in my head whispered, “Be free child from the thoughts of your own existence for 24 hours”. I questioned myself how to be free from my own thoughts for a day and a night. Lazily lying on my bed thinking, I slipped into deep slumber. Instantly, I entered a new phase in my life of being a thought trying hard to sustain in my mind. Initially like all humans, I ventured my attention into social media sites, responded with full zest to many thoughts, thinking these thoughts will help me in some way. In excitement i flew behind many colorful and weird logic’s. I tried to absorb the essence of each intellect. Questioning still how to escape from my own reflections. But after an hour in front of laptop, mind exhausted lost the battle of with the electronic brain. I realized this is not going to work. My thought tired to focus on the routines in life in a view to get benefit from escaping from my own contemplation, but after 2 hours of  strenuous scrutiny, I was tired and was not happy within myself.

Vivid aspects of life flashed through my inward eyes like reflections in a kaleidoscope. Imagined life with various shades from heights to steep to curb where experiences as surprises thrust in.That point mind plays the vital role in categorizing it as good or bad. I discern that its our cognition that leaves the foot prints of these life experiences in one’s memory. So effort should be made to spend every second in glee.Again i puzzled, how to be happy? Isn’t it a challenging situation in life?Again, unanswered questions cropped in by my savage mind. As we are surrounded in a gulf of  worldly strife every second of life, making it more dramatic. If we pose this question in reality,will it survive the odds reaching the goal of staying happy in any life situations?I as a thought pivoted around these thoughts unending,as there is no end to these circle of introspection’s.

Among various perceptions clustered in my subconscious mind ,meditation seems to be very attractive with many teachings from the masters since centuries.Pondering into the vastness of spirituality and religion.colors of religions  appeared faded,with superstitious believes surfacing at the top.Generally people concentrate on the basic needs of the life thus very easy to be fooled by the tyrants of the society in the name of spirituality and religion.Rituals and ceremonies turn up more like events structured to control the masses in a ill structured society.Like religion,spirituality too has a very big market,selling types of yoga,tantra practices and many to name.This wilderness congregated as a unified clan,always confusing the mind to construct a typical type of  thought and to rely on it.so it become easy for many intellectuals to infuse their thoughts into the fickle mind of masses as slaughter lambs.

I dwindled in my own reflection,”Whether  this thought has any sense in reality ?. A new apprehension alarmed while in reflection,i questioned my mind ,”Is it possible to astray mind and thought ?”Found my mind tangling myself in the web of thoughts.Distracted by the infinite ideations exploding inside,I as a thought decided to restrict relying on the mind’s wheel,which is on a constant surge of spinning new eerie logic’s.Metaphysical reasoning not to be pronounced as irrational when weighed in front of hypothetical principles adapted by us since centuries as truth.Thus I entrusted myself to that inner voice within my head to stagnate the weedy mind thus controlling the production of weird assumptions.Eventually, I succeeded in enjoying the freedom of  stillness in my silence  focusing only aspects agreeable to the voice within my head.


About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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1 Response to A voice within my head.

  1. Akalmand Singh says:

    Wow. Brilliant writing


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