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World of placidity

A fondness to a mysterious silence  drilling deep within. An untoward attraction towards this gripping stillness. Renounced my fragile crusted frame to stay in peace in solitude with this  aloof  mind wrecking quietness, lived dead in this haunted walls of … Continue reading

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A wish to tomb

What priceless gift can i give  you to cherish till grave… All my possessions are divided between him and her….. Thoughts about a token made  my nights sleepless …. My apprehensions surrounded around  this souvenir … Engrossed in this reflection … Continue reading

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Million Frames

Haunted by your gnawing memories a tale crushed in an obsession towards uncertain layers of hidden emotions, prevailed by the frenzy passion  bursting out from a maniac essence of past. Crazily deviated wandered aimlessly unhinged by any orders of  ego,floated … Continue reading

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Honey drenching from our lips licking each lobes  gently,energy surging through our veins,heat  building tempting us in jelling our ravenous bodies,letting no air in between, nibbling your lips in hunger letting tongue to dig in  each corners entwining in ecstasy,bodies … Continue reading

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Mutilated Core

Blended emotions in dried up ocean of  ardor,heart torn and scattered, frozen in the long lanes of  love. Crafted deception by destiny, a broken toy in your hands. Neglected in total as i lie on the streets of  ambitions listless. … Continue reading

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Craving for your presence every second i inhale,couldn’t live a moment detached, choked in your absence. Numbness surrounds my body, living stone cold midst the uninhabited house,fading colors as shrivel in your thirst . Tears rolled down only for you … Continue reading

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A Corpse

Tossing between light and dark, exposing my vulnerabilities i lie somewhere in the snow as a corpse awaiting for you to char  me  black. Bewildered amidst  piles of carcass Perpetually stiffen,i rest in a cold slopes of unknown mountains longing … Continue reading

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Ethereal Concord

Fading cries give way to blooming smiles a cosmic rapture witnessed by the  universe,a juncture of absence of my ego. A state of you and  me dwelling in as us. Merging our shadows in a mysterious plane inhabited by actuality. … Continue reading

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Treasured Hours

Walled in vacuum in your absence, Persisted since myriad of cycles. Passion brewed in an alchemy of thoughts, circling restless heart. Sleep narrowed by the teary eyes Intensity peaked on listening your voice. Liberated as a prisoner in your love … Continue reading

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Looped Amnesia

Freed my shadows of life Enveloped this chasm in a  tactile less pristine emotion Engraving deep in an ancient portrait manifested by destiny. Ascended amidst rotten corpses, surviving on fading essence around neglected screams of forewarning.Blindly opted treacherous conduits. Tipsy … Continue reading

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