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~~ Rain of thoughts~~

“In your absence  burned endlessly in  a rain of  thoughts, sniffing each  graves,  begging your return, ignoring the truth that you reside  nowhere except in  my heart o’love. In your presence blinked in mistrust, contradicting the reality of your existence, idolized a heart to  worship a wild   fondness … Continue reading

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My sun in amnesia since you smiled Moon desperate to lit the night sky A clash between the darkness and light,an unpredictable survival in a frenzy bargain of cataclysms. Fickle mind swaying endlessly in a pigeonhole. Fenced amidst the orgasmic … Continue reading

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Your Life’s Doom

A glare left you in an untiring sleep,amidst the noises of machines. Anticipations builded in cluttered minds, angels stayed watching you awake,gods drowned in rivers of tears shed  by an old mortal womb. Graves protested your  early return,heavens  repented their … Continue reading

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Black Cradle

Me a dark, ray less source of conscience. An immortal focal point in the universe unseen, unheard since eons. An intellect unexplored in any realms of existence. Untouched by the principles of ruthless genes of time. An inhumane emotion difficult … Continue reading

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Celestial Trial

Tangled as a result of a celestial trial,imprisoned in this earthly clay,descended rejected by heavens into a paradise of cloned mortals. Putrid souls rejoiced in the oddities of life as a boon, Humanity a luxury a midst the zombies wondering … Continue reading

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Showers of solitude

Anticipating a reunion amidst the clouds of dreams,visualizing to drench in the showers of solitude. Floated in a twister of despair,cloned myself in umpteen mirrors,hazy  figures perceived in  multiple frames, flipped chipped frames in glee, unskilled in a trial of … Continue reading

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