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Demised in reminiscence of a childhood game played along with my solitude in the cold, (lanes of yesterdays). Walked bewildered  in cluttered paths. Enveloped in deceptive fog,trekked blindly, (to the peaks of nobility). Rolled as a dice in the hands … Continue reading

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"Friendship the best ship"

Friendship is one of the most beautiful and wonderful relationships of all times.A friend in need is a friend indeed is a proverb i remember from my primary school.We meet people with different personalities throughout our life.But only few touches our … Continue reading

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Confused Cataclysms

Drooled in a rhapsody  of an untamed passion. In ecstasy, tossed between  you and me, flipping masks. Dreams of  a torpid fascination, restlessly awaited in your graves. Demons sung gospels, lusty blossoms bloomed in the cold yards of now. Universe … Continue reading

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A Gypsy

In this vagabond, disguised as a gypsy drifted away from the realities of the land of a rising sun. Refugee in a pirated shed out of autumn leaves,indebted in this transient shelter. All benchmarks crossed on this road to nullity. … Continue reading

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"Paradise (a fictitious package) "

Missed my sole road to home,relied on the faded sign posts wandered in amnesia, tripped endlessly on the visible stinking drains,( fallen invisibly). In despair,  awaited to flow down in the demonic fury of  tonight’s rain,disaster abandoned my door  pushing … Continue reading

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Freezed Alive

Charred black in  a sun’s shine,emitting rays in zillion volts. Blinded in its grace, merrily mourned in  my birth each dawn, gentle breeze of a mysterious draft, swept my castle of reveries,tripped every step romancing destiny, as he decieted me … Continue reading

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Fabricated Paradise

Blind folded in the  dubious lanes of fortunes. Realized me as the cradle  of darkness emanating perpetual beams of life around through my zillion beams of galvanized matter. Provoking thoughts to play in the mysteries of  realistic illusions spun by … Continue reading

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Untainted efflux

Frolicked in ecstasy to  souls rhythms. Glimpsed a spring of untainted efflux of   amour in the mysterious lanes of  wilderness. Glowed in an angelic beam radiating around me. Constricted expanses in this frozen time frame. Flashes of concrete notions … Continue reading

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Hugs for peace.

Reading an article by peace blogs on “Hugs not war in space”, instilled the concept to write about hugs on a random perspective from my desk.The topic of politics, and the ongoing situation in Ukraine came up when a Russian … Continue reading

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