Hugs for peace.

Reading an article by peace blogs on “Hugs not war in space”, instilled the concept to write about hugs on a random perspective from my desk.The topic of politics, and the ongoing situation in Ukraine came up when a Russian journalist from NTV asked, “Because of the events in Ukraine that we all know about, the relationship between the United States, Russia, and Germany became pretty tense. Do you feel this tension on the level of your team?”Instead of answering out loud, the three astronauts stood up and hugged each other. “This is our answer,” astronaut Wiseman said in Russian. “Yes, this is our answer for everyone to see,” cosmonaut Suraev added.(courtesy :Peace blogs)
Hugs are nonvocal form of communication to express the love,affection,intimacy or sympathy between two individuals. According to Wikipedia,”A hug is a near universal form of physical intimacy in which two people put their arms around the neck, back, or waist of one another and hold each other closely. If more than two persons are involved, this is informally referred to as a group hug.”

How can we use hug in a therapeutic way to cure the plague of hate and war in the society?In European cultures hugging is encouraged in social gathering as a sign of socialization among the women.Amazingly social hugging among the school kids is banned in united states,which led to protest by the students.In some cultures like Hinduism and Islam social hugging is practiced during festivals as a sign of solidarity. While in some cultures like a tribe called Himba in Namibia,is a taboo.

Surprisingly thoughts about hugging create a sense of security,releases stress and promote bonding between the people.From a new born to an elderly find solace in an embrace.How and why one get contentment was my query for many days.Eventually i found an answer to this question. As a fetus in the womb,it grows listening to the mothers heart beat ,like a celestial music given as a gift by the nature for staying calm in womb.The heart beat is heard 24/7 by the growing fetus till the birth.Once out always the baby calms down by his/her mother’s cuddle.And sleeps contently near to her/his mothers chest unconcerned about the surroundings.Unlike many western cultures,bonding between the mother child by breast feeding and rooming in are not practised, even though now a days its encouraged by the government.

This memory of happiness by hugging remain sublime in our subconscious mind but always one find in instant gratification once hugged. But due to the cultural views as the age progresses,hugs are seen mainly as a part of sexual intimacy midst the opposite genders.If hugs are promoted from childhood by the family as a part of socialization excluding the sexual portion, it may help in propagating peace among the people.The social,political and religious leaders of the world should have a day in a month at least to hug and release their stress .Group hug days in schools and colleges should be promoted among the kids,to propagate love,peace and unity.In the course of time hugs will contribute to world peace from a simpler point of view,if all the religious,political,military and social leaders will embrace the notion of hugs as mandatory .


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