"Paradise (a fictitious package) "

Missed my sole
road to home,relied
on the faded sign posts
wandered in amnesia,
tripped endlessly on
the visible stinking
drains,( fallen invisibly).
In despair,  awaited
to flow down in the
demonic fury of 
tonight’s rain,disaster
abandoned my door 
pushing into the
shores of  insanity.
Viable on mutilated
thoughts of sieved
affections,rotten in
this course of the big 
bubble of uncertainty.
Surrounded in a gross
humor of  survival
struggled to glimpse
the sweet face of
my beloved,(death).
Life mocked frenziedly,
she revenged counting
each day and night lived
together in challenge.
Love gnawed my 
flesh in sweet agony
paralyzing each cells
in gentle licks of lust.
Envied voices whispered
the old irritating songs
of  eternal romance,
tormenting my senses
to tolerate the luxuries
of paradise,(a fictitious package).
Lamented in reminiscence,
stayed alive as an old 
legendary song for tomorrow. 

About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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