"Friendship the best ship"

Friendship is one of the most beautiful and wonderful relationships of all times.A friend in need is a friend indeed is a proverb i remember from my primary school.We meet people with different personalities throughout our life.But only few touches our heart and only few leave their imprints forever in our mind,either as good or bad memories,before they leave. Friendship is the only relationship which exists without any expectation and thus no suffering in it.Whenever one start to see a friend in the preset boundaries,instantly will be drawn in the paradigm of agony.Unlike other relationships like romantic, lovers live in agony due to the weeds of expectations growing strong.Both live in pretentious love,which in reality shatters if one interact with an opposite sex in a closer way.Or lovers shut down themselves to their own cells of stetted standards of interactions with the outside world.Always wondered why insecurities persists in relationships except friendship.

In east,analyzing the liaisons in a parental relationship,a child is nurtured with concepts of dependency since childhood.A child is taught in a beautiful way that in this trade of parenting,we have fostered you since Day 1 as an embryo in my womb so the child is bounded to many expectations by the parents.Let it be in selection of toys,clothes,food including life partner.Kids are brainstormed the concepts of being selfish is the only way to success,but observing kids on their activities and friend type is significant in many ways.But a child interact with any kid without differences of color,creed,caste,nationality or status,which as an adult we should learn.

Deciphering friendship as a woman,made me to think infinitely,from all angles.As a daughter,she has to live up to the notion of her parents to reach the standards of expectations.Many sacrifices silently made in regards to make her parents feel proud. Conceding to the wishes of her parents as a girl she hides her first crush,as it’s bad in the eyes of society to have feelings towards a boy,(eastern concept).Growing as a girl,restrict the field of friendship too.Like adults,her peers too think her extrovert nature as immoral.People scrutinize the chastity of a girl and women on the basis of her social behavior.I condemn these types of cliched thinking.Could she ever be seen as a human ?Turn the pages of history in all civilizations,we can trace these stale views about women.Interesting to think about a woman being represented in a more decorative way if she is the love interest of a heroic character.While a woman with unique characters always tampered as witch or evil.

Take the example of Radha ,the love interest of Krishna .She is hailed as mother of all goodness for being the childhood muse of Krishna.Same in regards to Virgin Mary,as she was the mother of Jesus Christ,she is the epitome of virtue in Christianity.In Islam,no scope for woman as its dominated by the views of male chauvinists.Hinduism is the only sect which hail the glory of women in history,like Mahishasuramardini (Durga wife of Mahadev who killed demon Mahishasura).In my perspective the Mahadev period was the only era where a woman was given equal power same like men.Falling down the cycle of life we can witness the woman turning from a superpower to a mere  sexual object usually..So women shall not be objectified,her subjectivity lies sublime or suppressed by the thoughts that she is meant for recreation or devotion, It shall be uplifted .

A friend is someone where one ventilate carelessly, not thinking about the social boundaries.People often misunderstands this frankness, thinking friendship will crumbles the piling insecurities of their frail shell.I feel sad thinking about people who despite of having intelligence, diligently think to categorize friendship.Here emerges the mediocre thoughts of a man unable to accept the reality that a woman can be a good friend too.As a women,I would enjoy having a conversation with humor ,shedding the egos and thinking freely under the blue sky uninfluenced by the lust love category.Friendship is the best ship to board.No regrets neither expectations nor preset standards to fear.We should enjoy being with the handful of friends around .Masks won’t retain in long race as it has to shed,a known fact. Empaths always being misunderstood ,not a new phase.Try to be a rainbow in someone’s window shall be our daily goal.I m proud to have ruthless friends ,who don’t hesitate showing their emotion,never bothered here i stand as always as an untamed flame…

                                                 picture courtesy:santabanta.com

About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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1 Response to "Friendship the best ship"

  1. Fabulous write on friendship from a Poetess of Love, Congrats, WILLIAMSJI MAVELI


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