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"Eclipsed Birth"

Asphyxiated in your  love, in your absence ached for a glance, smothered by your touch. Alive as an inextinguishable flame,warm showers  scalded my body,soul fluttering in endless  agony,an essence  matured in the darkness, Incompletely living a fake existence,eclipsed birth  forever,uncertainty … Continue reading

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Eternity incarceratedin the blink of youreccentric stare. Nullity surrounding my today,tommorrowscreaming in despair Greedy eyes  spinning new tales of gain in the lap of loss. Drooly mouthswide open in lust, craving for a chunkof flesh,sanity alost treasure in the  cold yards of starving … Continue reading

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Phantom Truths

                   Ridiculous grins around,Wandered as a lunatic amidst the Stupidessence of time.Paced aimlessly to solace my impatient Soul .Pixy dust showeredturned hot sand,scalding head to toe,wines ofafflictions entwined tomy bosom,bleedingperpetually seekingdivinity in zillion suns.Asphyxiated slowly … Continue reading

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