Phantom Truths


Ridiculous grins around,
Wandered as a lunatic
 amidst the Stupid
essence of time.
Paced aimlessly to
 solace my impatient Soul .
Pixy dust showered
turned hot sand,scalding
 head to toe,wines of
afflictions entwined to
my bosom,bleeding
perpetually seeking
divinity in zillion suns.
Asphyxiated slowly in
your devotion,floated
as a toy in the torrents.
Estranged caresses scorched
the charred essence of today.
A voice screamed aloud
deep to be heard amidst
the crowd,growing stronger,
left captivated inside this
putrid carcass,exorcised
the holiness invoking the
phantom truths of unknown.

Sublime thoughts  nurtured
in the deep dungeons of
infernal believes,fostered
blindly on earthly forces,
seeking paradise in deceitful
birth of a new dawn .

Copyright© words and photo

About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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1 Response to Phantom Truths

  1. My dear Poetess Piusha Singh, There is a deep wisdom in what you are trying to depict or convey through this poem. I have been trying to get my meditation to foresee this. We have a largely incorrect view of what Nirvana is, assuming it's either a place we could go to or end up in, or that it's a steady state that once achieved you have all the time. We have all the similar feelings as you do in Earth-love, affection and kindness, but we love those dear to us more thoroughly and deeply, whether they are in the spiritual world or your real world. As we do not have to cope with emotions like guilt, hatred and jealousy, our love is pure and true, we all love our dear ones selflessly without wanting anything in return, for no other reason that the sake of love itself.
    You certainly have the potential for accessing it at any moment, so in that sense you carry the seed of it with you all the time. But it's not some special state that is only accessible by the few or by the undamaged. I wish you all ease, Your potential is very high with regard to scribbling poetry and this is truly inborn, but fortunately or unfortunately due to the hardships of life for earning the daily bread, you are unable to cultivate you inborn skills, As a good friend of yours until this time, I have tried my level best to convince you on your potentiality of your caliber and talent for writing poems like the above. God luck to you as always, Never ever regret for losing my observational eye from your side at any point of time ahead,
    Regards & Love from your distant friend and well-wisher


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