"Eclipsed Birth"

Asphyxiated in your 
love, in your absence
ached for a glance,
smothered by your touch.
Alive as an inextinguishable
flame,warm showers 
scalded my body,soul
fluttering in endless 
agony,an essence 
matured in the darkness,
Incompletely living a fake
existence,eclipsed birth 
forever,uncertainty surrounds
in each lanes of life,angels
mocking with each fall,
demons digging the pits
to inhume me forever.
Concealed emotions 
exploding in silence
disguised by a sweet 
smile cheering many
existing scorned essences.
Struggling in this giant wheel
of Karma,mind never willing
to convince to the petty
bargains of survival,
anticipated to kindle
spreading warmth at night.

Copyright (c) @piushasingh.org


About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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2 Responses to "Eclipsed Birth"

  1. Dear Poetess Piusha Singh,

    Though your poetic words are short in literary frames and syntax, it is like the beauty of nature, half revealed and half concealed within your soul eternally, detailed appreciation review will be posted shortly,

    Regards & Love


  2. Dear Poetess Piusha Singh,

    I should almost certainly point out that the above poem is one among those of your lovely poems based on the concept of love in life. This verse is in turn had a very deep effect on me. I’ve often wondered if it would have made the same impression had I read your earlier poems before or after I became a slave to my addiction towards all your poems. Silly I even attempted to become a review writer or rather a critic or an admirer of your verse. I didn’t take into account how the side effects from my addiction would literally cripple important thoughts of me (so much for writing appreciations and analytical studies based on your fabulous verses from those 115 poems until now. )
    Let me express my observations on the above through my own simple lines in a poetry format, inspired by the above poem which is as below:

    ” I love to be suffocated to feel death,
    I care for and to be embraced to darkness,
    Squeezed into the arms of unseen,
    Kissed by the red lips of the evil
    To clear the innocent minds of those
    Who live under the shades and shadows
    Yes, I’ve partaken in and out, enveloped,
    I have enjoyed physical hurting of myself,
    The symptoms can be mind blowing
    Besides the euphoria from the sensation
    Weakness I get from being suffocated,
    I have a dual personality. I like nurturing
    with the images of birth and death.
    There is something scientifically
    Spiritually satisfying, grabbing, absorbing
    for me to push the envelope
    to see what’s on the other side
    of those doors to death,
    death of the soul, not the body “

    Regards & Love


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