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Rejuvenated Warrior

Inhumed all memories of yesterday’s,i am  reborn in the lap of nature with hope as my companion,to  mature again in this new dawn,nestling in the warmth of your chest as a newborn, fondle me in love, purify my rotten core … Continue reading

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New Realm

Swung to a heavenly rhythm discoursed  since primeval age. Exciting each atoms of my antiquated  frame,reviving each  pulse within, awakening the deep impulses  of my inner sanctums. Kindling  me in the unknown gleam of rays dead but  still alive as … Continue reading

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Where to hide my little angel? ( Written in memory of those children who lost their precious lives recently due to terrorism around the world)

Demons reaped pleasure again in the name of religion, terror spreaded into the bones, where to hide my little angel who was born after many years of penance, from  these ruthless tyrants of life. Many little graves were dug  again … Continue reading

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" I "

I see you in love,realizing this transientsail of us in this frame, you gaze my skin  in lust,which  i shed religiously year after year, disguising playing a game of hide and seek. Admire me with closed eyes ,in that darkness, knock … Continue reading

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Heart filled with  agony gifted by the destiny,a soul  sobbed in the darkness,mortals  deaf and blind rejoiced in her  tears filling the rivers and springs  around the drought stricken terrains of  these incarcerated beings. Captivated to the  transient shores of … Continue reading

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Is jealousy a sign of true love ?

I was in born with this quality of jealousy. Still have my childhood memories fresh me being jealous towards my brother when born. I never allowed my mother to cuddle him, breastfeed him or sleep with him, whenever i was … Continue reading

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Esoteric Glow

Pitched high in the warmth of a lost sun’s glory, in mirth twirled  and spanned high up in  to the heavens,reached in the realms of a fabricated dimension merging out from the horizon of dusk. Tanned in the golden light … Continue reading

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In memory of my lost memory

Life is a ditch, karma a bitch and i am a slut in this fucking ditch. Death forgot its way, no way to escape as I am enclosed in a rotten frame,  you call me x,y,z. Tears reluctant to roll … Continue reading

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