Esoteric Glow

Pitched high in the
warmth of a lost sun’s
glory, in mirth twirled 
and spanned high up in 
to the heavens,reached
in the realms of a fabricated
dimension merging out
from the horizon of dusk.
Tanned in the golden light
slowly churning my shelter
into a shrine of divinity.
Reflected my inner self
all around,illusions
ends at the banks of those
realms of purity,all 
dreams harvested in
this mystical radius,
all mortal wishes 
crumbled as the unifying
strings of this darkness
eccentrically pushed
outwards, the condensed
ruins of the doomed fortunes.
Freed from the clutches
of grievous frequencies,
unified with the infinite
expanse,all mortal norms
diluted in the shadow
of ceaseless esoteric glow.


About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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2 Responses to Esoteric Glow

  1. Dear Poetess Piusha Singh, Like every soul is gifted by God in a certain way, and every perfect gift is from above and come down from the amazing souls whom we are unknown, As I am someone who has come as unknown will disappear in the same way another day, Nothing is permanent, nothing, nothing at all, beauty and ugliness wealth and health, love and hatred, all will perish one day.
    Moreover, every divine procession of radiance from the God (in your case Siva), whilst constantly and bounteously flowing unto us, fills us anew, as though with a unifying power, by recalling us to things above, and leads us again to the unity of the Shepherding or sheltering, Nice poem, thanks for sharing, Regards & Love WILLIAMSJI MAVELI


  2. Inspired by the above, Williamsji Maveli scribbles a verse

    Like a superior soul is gifted from above,
    You seem to be a perfect gift of pure love
    We, amazing souls whom we are unborn,
    Wishing you to become a poet, well known,
    Nothing is permanent, nothing, nothing at all,
    Beauty; ugliness; wealth, health, love will fall,
    My soul of love will never ever decay to perish
    Instead every beam from my radiance to cherish,
    Whilst, constantly and bounteously life to flow,
    Within us fulfillment with a novel, our minds glow,
    Unifying power, recalls you for more and more to write,
    Read aloud loved poems again, and soon to be bright..

    With all my disturbance and annoyance

    Lead me again towards the harmony of a shepherd,
    In my hut hatched with lyrics, you will ever be sheltered


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