Heart filled with
 agony gifted by
the destiny,a soul
 sobbed in the
 deaf and blind
rejoiced in her
 tears filling the
rivers and springs
 around the drought
stricken terrains of
 these incarcerated beings.

Captivated to the 
transient shores of
illusion,in mirth 
they danced in 
lust tearing and 
raping her soul
in her body the 
rotten soul fluttered
for a rescue,cursing
for the boon granted 
by the misfortune.

Tortured perpetually,
she licked her 
wounds relishing the
 seeping pus and blood,
quenching the hungry
desires cropping around 
her withered frame.
Awaited impatiently
to be healed by the
merciful fairy of death
 wishing for an  afterlife
 away from the land of mirages.


About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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1 Response to Enslaved

  1. Dear Poetess Piusha Singh,
    Your above poem refers, The theme and the image, both are superb, I am much inspired by this verse, I really understand the pain and the agony, Every human heart sings a song of love, but most often incomplete or in broken tones, until another heart whispers back instantly. Those who wish to write always find a lyric to love, at the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poetess of life, or an artist of life, and you are both a poetess as well as an artist in this earthly life, You seems to be the root of the roots, fruit of the fruits, bud of the buds of a tree named as life, green leaves of real love in life – My applause for the poem, Regards & Love WILLIAMSJI MAVELI


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