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Twinkling Eyes

Million smiles bursted on my frowned face, While gazing your still, an ocean of emotions raising deep within my core unseen,a pulse still shoots in my collapsed body,awaiting for the mysteries to envelop in the radiance of your  twinkling eyes. … Continue reading

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Uska Chehra

Kiskis chehre par  dhoondoon uska chehra, Ek ek katre Par talaashoon uski chaahat,kaash ek  baar usne is dil mein  jhaankne kii koshish Kii hoti,toh har zurm  apne naam kar, us barbaadi mein jeene kii zurrat kartii. Uss khuda se  kyaa … Continue reading

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Is sailaab main  toh naa gum hai naa khushii hai, kuch bachaa hai toh bus hum hain. Jindagi has kar pukaare  mujhe,ek baar phir  gaayein wohi nagmein milne bichdne ke. Par man toh panchi  hai tera,ude din  raath anokee fizaaon  … Continue reading

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Remember you or your child could be the next victim.

Respect woman as she is your mother,sister,wife,grandmother,an all in one motor for the entire family not a recreational instrument.Women is not a cleavage and waistline commodity but a human with more sensibility and responsibility.It’s shocking to know the younger generations flocking into lust … Continue reading

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Let’s rekindle in the childhood innocence  and love,reviving our old spirits, rejoicing in the  twinkly happiness  around,creating  a loving world  detached from  the shadows  of vicious minds. Playing those old games, building sand castles,getting doused in rain,mud carelessly,smudging  again in the purity of … Continue reading

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