Remember you or your child could be the next victim.

Respect woman as she is your mother,sister,wife,grandmother,an all in one motor for the entire family not a recreational instrument.Women is not a cleavage and waistline commodity but a human with more sensibility and responsibility.It’s shocking to know the younger generations flocking into lust huts in the names of social gatherings as parties ranging from stripper club,rave or sex parties name it as much you can.It’s a cancer which has engulfed many of the western cultures and now eastern too.Without realizing how its fruits will be going to effect the future generations.Many westerners embracing eastern Vedic culture to maintain the harmony,peace and happiness in a family and to see the other human irrespective of sex as a human being is praiseworthy.After encountering many lost,confused people in the illusion of lust,the question of how to free the minds  from the brutal sweet clutches of lust ,raised constantly in my brain.

Is looking at a woman or a girl through lustful eyes is the current trend or an old elite leisure now widespread in all sections of people?If one has an internet connection through smart phone or laptop, few fake or even real id’s will be created then one is ready to run the marathon for lust .Initially everything begins with sweet conversations proceeding to sex messaging then requesting pictures showing body parts or complete nudity.Is this an alarming sign towards a rotten society which is at its verge of giving birth to a demonic clan,where every human will be measured on the basis of their sexuality. 
Certain cults in the banner of spirituality ,true love and paradise are involved primarily spreading it widespread under the umbrella of holiness.Many spiritual gurus raised to the pinnacle filling their bank accounts wide spreading this business globally.While countless disguised as gurus or spiritual teachers learned the best route for a successful career just with the click of a button. 

Pornography was a luxurious leisure among people but it has reached the blooming buds of tomorrow through the social networking medias pushing innocent minds into the grips of social media addiction as whole world will be there at the click of an enter. Infidelity will be seen among the couples in different colors as multiple affairs a man or a woman could have through these medias,multiple partners could be accessed at the same time which is an added advantage in online relationships,a partner could be accessed through Facebook, the other in hangout,the next in BBM ,we chats,Baddo the list go endless.Knowingly committing mistakes then repenting,posts on these topics will be the most popular ones as many will be flying the same sail.

This has created an open market for teenage girls and boys who not even know the dangers of this vicious pool to plunge and displaying their provocative pictures in the market to rate through likes and comments appraising their body.Many young girls get a friend circle of 4000 in months time and will be hub for lusty chatting.If we do a survey in G+ we can find many profile of school girls,college girls with a following in million without any updates.Well should these social media sites should allow to crop as social diseases ? Do they not have a responsibility towards the society?The addiction has peaked to this level that men will be aroused merely by chatting to a female.Eventually few will end up meeting realizing the girl was only 16 and the man in his late 40’s .But few rare cases would be there were the couple had a successful life as they might have either not involved too much after their relationship.

If a man perceive a woman as his sister or a woman vice versa, will it curb the growth of lust in recent times? For sure it will,embracing the ancient values taught by our ancestors is one of the best way in curtailing this gangrene from the coming generations.As a mother i can’t imagine my daughter’s posting appealing picture’s in social medias and same being liked by unknown people around the world by rating her body with obnoxious remarks.Well discussions and awareness should be created among the masses regarding the dangers hidden in these dark caves of recent world.Many young girls doesn’t realize their photos could be shared easily and used in pornography without anyone’s knowledge.Now the time has crossed its limits,use the social media constructively ,remember you or your child could be the next victim.  


About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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1 Response to Remember you or your child could be the next victim.

  1. Dear Author/Poetess Piusha Singh,

    I agree with your strong views mentioned in your above article. This article shows your capability as a social reformer and a good prose writer too.

    Woman is said to be the best gift of God, She is being considered and given due respect as the mother of mankind, the life creator, the best nurturer of her child, the caretaker of her family, the lifeline of a home and the most versatile role player in the universe is manhandled today. She do not feel safe on going out of her home, cannot dare to pass through a crowded place, feels like ravenous eyes chasing her everywhere, planning an outing with her girl friends is a matter to consider over ten times, cannot trust on her mates in class or that of office, dares to get out of home alone in the dark evenings and what’s not.

    Please accept my congratulation for this thought-provoking and informative article on the issue of womanhood. Expecting more writes from your golden pen.


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