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Pixie Land

Constrained in a frozen shell relentlessly surrendered their cryptic essence to the radiance of a mysterious entity from an unknown frame of time, veiled angels flocked fluttering the ragged wings on the scattered rocks of pixie land.  Earthlings sold their … Continue reading

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Since childhood, I enjoyed fireworks, always fascinated with the light and the smell of the smoke.Even though my parents use to prevent me from inhaling the smoke by advising me to hold breath but always i enjoyed the smell of … Continue reading

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I sat midst the crowd,followed them like a puppet,they were clapping for someone on the dais.In my land,we clap only when someone dies,as a respect but here people clapped for someone talking hour long.The only faint memory in my mind … Continue reading

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Your Love

Can’t neglect more  of your love,my beloved,each falling leaf  reminding me about your existence not a delusion, silently wind whispered  about a forgotten  hymn in my ears. A song sung by  you for me in  my lonely nights, secretly fondling … Continue reading

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"Demonic Glory"

Debilitated in an insane game of destiny,love and hatred as fortune. Angels grinned  counting the loss, as winning is a delight of elites. Melted away drop by drop ,fell into the well of demonic glory,where bodies talked. Blinded by the … Continue reading

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