I sat midst the crowd,followed them like a puppet,they were clapping for someone on the dais.In my land,we clap only when someone dies,as a respect but here people clapped for someone talking hour long.The only faint memory in my mind was about a man in his mid 40’s talking loud in front of a device which was probably magnifying his voice.I could feel the clock ticking and the time was 15:30,but that man didn’t stopped talking since an hour.And the people around me applauded and laughed every 10 minutes to his speech.I sat in wonder ,why the crowd was clapping every 10 minutes,is it a sign of  praise or are they disagreeing to his statement.
All men and women worn weird outfits in same colors. Women were wearing a black colored fabric covering their top till knee while men  worn black ,covered them completely. She looked at me in amusement. As her eyes were searching my whole body in wonder appeared,probably  due to very distinct appearance unlike the other men .She keep on staring at my long matted hair,painted face, my turquoise tunic as a wrap around the waist, my glowing shoes.But nobody from the crowd observed me,they all sat eagerly watching that man on the stage talking non stop.The women next to me was very attractive in her sky blue attire,she clapped with a sweet smile on her face.I couldn’t take my eyes off her,she was a goddess in that costume of unknown land.Except her,nobody bothered to observe me .She was so surprised that she asked something in an unknown language,I could only look at her lips and eyes and stay mesmerized.
The goddess gazed in my eyes and hands,she smiled and signaled me through her eyes to clap.I followed her instructions like an obedient pupil,couldn’t resist those magnetizing eyes.But the people around me were focusing that man on the stage.He suddenly stopped his hour long monologue,which everyone seems to enjoy or dislike was a puzzle,as many smiled with a relief and clapped while others just clapped as if they were following the crowd just like me.But the goddess was smiling with the brightness of million suns,her face glowed among the all gathered.I kept gazing at her and followed her actions of clapping and smiling.A man dressed same as me was sitting next to me,alas ! it was me .
Gently, i spoke to her in my language asking about the event and why everyone is applauding every 10 minutes.But the lady didn’t understand a single word spoken by me neither i understood anything said by her.We tried to use the hands to convey what is there in mind,somehow she understood that i don’t belong to that place.But I can’t remember how i reached there?Puzzled me sat in wonder ,applauding another man who started the same way of talking constantly for long.How to get out of this group was the only thought in my mind.But there appeared three exits when i looked around and the doors were closed.My heart was beating faster,the lady understood me somehow, holding my hand,she walked towards one of the exits,i could still hear the people applauding the speaker.
(To be continued…….)
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About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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