Since childhood, I enjoyed fireworks, always fascinated with the light and the smell of the smoke.Even though my parents use to prevent me from inhaling the smoke by advising me to hold breath but always i enjoyed the smell of burned chemicals and paper.In reality,despite being a non smoker but wondered why smoky smell allured me.As a child,it was my wish to play with crackers like adults but i was never allowed .During festivals,i dream about launching rockets and playing with fire crackers,and refraining my cousins from using it.

But  as i grew up,i realized these colorful chemicals and smoke are really dangerous pollutants causing air pollution,water and noise pollution.Combustion leads to the production of carbon dioxide which in turn causes green house effect leading one of the factors in global warming.Global warming is a real issue of concern,so it should be discussed many times as possible and one has to be the change to bring the change.

Fireworks can contaminate the water supply,which through  drains pollute our,lakes,rivers and ocean.Creating an indirect threat to the aquatic life,causing many diseases which is not investigated yet.Who know the fish on your platter has gill cancer or some dangerous infection,which one wont realize until admitted in emergency room in a hospital.Few people has chronic skin diseases which might been due to the toxins accumulated in their body through food and water,isn’t it amazing to think in a weird way? And many incidents of life threatening accidents have been recorded since years,many people losing their limbs,with burns and deaths but still we never learn.

There are many other ways for us to celebrate and to be happy.Firework is a sign of richness and status in many eastern countries.In India, churches,mosques and temples have special fireworks performed as a contribution to the religious centers.How could we protect our environment is vital for the betterment of a healthy future not only for us but for the coming future animals and plant kingdom,as humans we are also a part in this circle of life,connected to each other directly or indirectly. Many ways are there like instead of firework we can use laser light shows,electronic kite show,or a block party or electronic fireworks.It’s a shame to see including politicians enjoying fireworks during festivals.

I take a stand for a cleaner and safer environment for our future generations.Try to create awareness among the people about the significance of avoiding fireworks.Involve with local authorities to enact on clean air law.Boycott all firework related activities and encourage and inspire more people to involve in environmental preserving and protecting activities.Let’s embrace  and be the slogan,”Me be the change from now.”

About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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