Pixie Land

Constrained in a frozen shell
relentlessly surrendered their
cryptic essence to the radiance
of a mysterious entity from
an unknown frame of time,
veiled angels flocked fluttering
the ragged wings on the
scattered rocks of pixie land.

 Earthlings sold their spirits
to the mystical deception in 
greed and revenge to attain
the obscured power from
the beast to arise into the
realm of immortality perpetually.
In vengeance they planted the
venom into their unborn off springs.
Fanged broods created havoc 
relishing mortal’s blood,trapping 
bodies in the fantasy of  eternity.
Infected mortals,enslaved for the 
promised land of dreams,creating
a fanged platoon ready for kill.
Slaughtered bodies scattered
amidst the malicious minds.

He captured souls into the
 box of Athanasia,awaited 
patiently for the full moon
 to awaken his dark powers 
under the oak tree where 
 many laid in peace since
unknown eons,but every
 attempt of him flopped by 
a pure grace fought endlessly 
against his dark motives.


picture courtesy:www.flikr.com

About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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1 Response to Pixie Land

  1. Honorable Poetess Piusha Singh,
    This is a fabulous and lovely poem from the golden pen of Poetess Piusha Singh, My applause, my admiration and love to your above verse.
    The word meaning of the title of her poem ” Pixie Land ” is a fairy like shelter or the place of a weak creature, especially one that is mischievous; a playful nymph, who is playfully naughty.
    As per the legend, the Pixies neither know any sorrow nor feel fear, They take no care for harvest or seed-time of the year, Age lays no finger on them, the reaper time goes by the Pixies, they who change not, nor grow old or die. The Pixies though they love us, behold us pass away, And are not sad for flowers they gathered yesterday,
    Honorable poetess touches on all the prerequisites, including even more modern accretions. Pixies are “in-between”, not cursed by God or especially blessed. They do the unexpected; they bless the land, and are forest creatures that other wild creatures find alluring and non-threatening. They love humans, taking some for mates, and are nearly ageless. They are winged, flitting from place to place.

    In traditional regional lore, pixies are generally benign, mischievous, short of stature and attractively childlike; they are fond of dancing and gather outdoors in huge numbers to dance or sometimes wrestle throughout the night.
    In modern literary use, the term can be synonymous with fairies or spirits. The origin of the name pixie is uncertain. Pixie mythology is believed to predate Christian presence in Britain. In the Christian era they were sometimes said to be the souls of children who had died unbaptized. There is much more to write in deep on this verse from honorable poetess Piusha Singh, I am so inspired on your above verse, please accept my congratulations for sharing such a fairy tale poem with us, God bless your golden pen, Regards & Love, WILLIAMSJI MAVELI


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