Tiny Twinkle

Reminiscence of  a 
past, haunted like
 a lost spirit
in the dusk
 of his youth.
Smokey lips whispered 
the tales of cost
 in a lost
battle with life,
destiny’s shot not
 a coincidence
nor an accident,
to break 
this jinx new
 lusty hubs
chosen cautiously
 by many but 
destiny’s victims
smothered in their
 own blaze.
With  a fake smile 
valorously he gazed 
at the scars as an armor.
Still he walked in
 perfection amidst
 the disfigured minds
as an unshakable
 tiny twinkle.
Copyright @piushasingh.org
Picture courtesy :www.shutterbug.com

About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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3 Responses to Tiny Twinkle

  1. Honorable Poetess Piusha Singh,

    Human recollection experiences a steady expansion over time. During midlife we realize that our personal history has become larger than any imagined future. Our memories become an important source of insight in the second half of our life.

    Unlike the tasteless acts of remembering and recall, reminiscence is an imaginative process that intermingles past and present in unique and creative ways. Reminiscence is the art of travelling deep inside memory in order to discover something we didn’t know about ourselves.
    In this poem, Poetess Piusha Singh depicts Life as a neutral experience, and suffering is a universal truth of existence. Suffering generates myriad reactions including stress, tension, anxiety, confusion, compulsion, obsession, avoidance, sadness, anger and fear. In these states of mind, the power of reminiscence is vital in helping us navigate through the confusion and sense of abandonment that has fallen down all around us. Excellent write, my applause, Regards & Love WILLIAMSJI MAVELI


  2. Piusha Singh says:

    Thanks a million dear William for your kind friendship and remarks.I am honored.God bless.


  3. Dear Poetess Piusha,

    Thanks for reading my review and analysis at this time, I do understand you too is busy with our work schedules, Hope life is fine with you, God bless, Regards & Love WILLIAMSJI MAVELI


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