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Electronic cells

The saddest part in current time is we are like zombies in the techno jungle strolling in apprehension within a bubble of joy.We all seems to be blind,deaf and muted.What echoes  around is the flashing lights and buzzing quantum texts.Many … Continue reading

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M 7.9,April 25th 2015

After watching a Bollywood movie Krrish 3 on Saturday night,we were shocked to read the tragic earth quake that shook the entire Nepal,it’s tremors had created havoc in northern parts of India,Tibet and part’s of China.I had a strong feel … Continue reading

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Wrathful trance

Muted in the bargain of life and dreams, she pleaded in agony to aggregate the remnants of her broken pieces of heart, smashed boundlessly by destiny. Her heart bled amply flooding her entire world sinking her deep alive, his ego … Continue reading

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WordPress Vs Blogger

Mere thought of writing keeps me awake for hours,searching how can i connect to my readers.Recent shift from blogger to wordpress .com appears conflicting ,whether to continue blogging with blogger or wordpress.The latter is more attractive but the blogger has  … Continue reading

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The Breeze

Cynical eyes alienating  a desperate bird in an enclosure on a distant land,inaccessible to light or sound,the sole consort to her little soul was the breeze around her. With every dawn the  affinity brewed stronger. The breeze consoled  her,forgetting her  … Continue reading

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Come and dwell  within my stillness Let this flame of my ambush spread slowly into your clamorous world, ignoring the buzz around. Let’s escape into  the lands of cipher. Submerging ourselves into the vastness  of our silences. Forgetting all the … Continue reading

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A martyr of love

Waning seasons telltale  her anticipation to  worship him since ages. She trudged the  forbidden lands relentlessly in search of fidelity.  A cultural sin, blindly  committed to glorify her ominous hopes. She endured the  atrocities,confessing herself as a convict of love. … Continue reading

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Exploring  new masks in the stillness of time, sprinted in the hunt for a unique face. Concealing the ipseity many congregated in this rarest race of identity,knocking and dragging one another.  They advanced treading  on carcasses in disdain. The fastest … Continue reading

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Quixotic Orgasms As moon drifted in the sky, I set a new sail along my silence,into the depths of my mysterious arcade . Vivid reflections shooting in and out,oblivious in regards to the sanity and absurdity, tickling clock hindering my mental … Continue reading

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A Girl

Born as a girl,a flame,not a doll for your past time. I lit the lives of many in short span,accept me as  part of your self.   Million times they aborted me  in my mothers womb. Strove recurrently to endure … Continue reading

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