A Girl

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Born as a girl,a flame,not

a doll for your past time.

I lit the lives of many in

short span,accept me

as  part of your self.


Million times they aborted

me  in my mothers womb.

Strove recurrently to endure

amidst the ambitious minds

to live as a free bird like him.


As i bloomed, filled your

garden with the fragrance

of my love and brighten life

with vivid colors of my rainbow.

I wish to live fearless and unbarred.


Don’t judge me with the color,

length or types of attire i wear.

My conduct not to be assessed

based on the costumes i drape.

I want to glide and kiss the sky.


Not a  play dough to knead

and throw me out as you wish.

Neither a sexual toy to molest

or rape me during any phase

of my life from birth to death.


I will fight this war for

my existence,courageously,

against the social,religious,

cultural taboos laden since

thousands of years religiously.


Money can’t buy me,invaluable

treasure I’m as the future lies

in myself and in my heart.

Not a burden in your life,but

a sharpened sword to fight.


Advancement shall begin in

the narrow minds of the macho

domain,where a girl shall live

liberating herself from the

factitious rings in her life.


(My tribute to all the girls and women in the world,proud to be one )



About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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1 Response to A Girl

  1. Abuse on children and, sexual and domestic threats, violence are among the most destructive experiences afflicting women and children. The wide prevalence of such violence takes a massive toll on the lives of individual victims as well as the larger society, through innumerable behavioral, health, psychological, and economic consequences.
    While many groups, organizations, and government agencies have been established to identify, prevent, and treat such violence, our response to these problems has been piecemeal and not optimally successful. A coordinated, cross-disciplinary synthesis of what we know, how we know it, and the necessary next steps is sorely desirable to enable us to effectively address these issues.

    Writing on the issues of women’s liberation s, the truth is that women’s liberation is basically a “woman awareness program”; educating women about themselves. Though this learning process, women begin to set aside their doubts and place higher value on themselves, their thoughts and emotions becoming more aware of yourself which is the first step to understanding themselves, Understanding enables you to deal with yourself and others more effectively which means living a happier more fulfilled life.

    According to Poetess Piusha Singh, disregard of whether I am commenting on their respective work or not.This is a cancerous mindset,which irrespective of countries women are silently suffering in various parts of the countries.It’s not only about child sexual abuse but the total outlook towards women by men as a weaker section was my concept,in many ways .
    This is a written to initiate or steer up various activists actions who are working towards the liberalization of women from the prejudiced ,male dominated society ,I am glad i consider myself as a part of this rave across the globe even though in smaller proportion but by supporting i wish to see a new dawn in the future of coming generations.I support women who silently are fighting within and outside the four walls of their living” Poetess Piusha Singh strongly writes for the liberation of women which needs a support from all men and women

    Dear Poetess Piusha Singh, First of all I should applaud you for sharing such an international issue and theme on child and women . Good luck to you, May God bless your golden pen, Regards & Love

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