Wrathful trance


Muted in the bargain of life and dreams,

she pleaded in agony to aggregate the

remnants of her broken pieces of heart,

smashed boundlessly by destiny.

Her heart bled amply flooding her entire

world sinking her deep alive, his ego

topped over her tears,thrusting her

more deeper into his reign of possessions.

Blinded by his bitterness and obsession

he plucked her feathers slowly binding

her perpetually to be a captive for life,

where she bartered happiness for dreams.

Wiping her tears she buried her wishes to

stay in this wrathful trance of karma as

she lived to  bloom smiles in marred faces .

Dauntlessly still she strives to illuminate.

About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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3 Responses to Wrathful trance

  1. Hi Piusha Singh,
    After Greetings,
    Fabulous poem, highly appreciated, wish to review this shortly, I am not sure, the reply column will be having enough space, I shall try to make it short, meanwhile, I shall post my first lyric of year 1973, Hope you will enjoy it, Regards, WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

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