M 7.9,April 25th 2015

Woman in a tent in Kathmandu, Nepal (27 April 2015)

After watching a Bollywood movie Krrish 3 on Saturday night,we were shocked to read the tragic earth quake that shook the entire Nepal,it’s tremors had created havoc in northern parts of India,Tibet and part’s of China.I had a strong feel within me as it could not be a natural earth quake as a result of  Krrish3 impact.My husband and daughter soon seems to be agreeing with my mental picture as in past, i read about alien visitation and they having bases amidst Himalayan ranges. Some tourists had captured the following footage,which went viral in the year 2013.Here is the link attached  and

In the first video a man ascertains his theory about this earth quake, M 7.9 on April 25th 2015 as not natural,using a seismological graph,he is describing how in an event of a natural earth quake the waves will appear ,were he claims 99% it’s not a natural earth quake,but a sudden hit without forewarning and even the animals didn’t reacted before the calamity,which is very unusual.And in the second video,people were looking at the distant lights and chanting mantras,for me it appeared to be some lights from a space ship.Even though,I haven’t seen a spaceship but my image of it is developed from the real video footage of spaceships captured by people around the world. I was surrounded by millions of questions like,could this earth quake happened due to alien war,whether our guardians are safe?,why this war for ?etc,. My husband even though a conservative Hindu seems to be satisfied by my frenzy thoughts at this point.


An injured boy is taken to a ward inside a hospital after an earthquake in Siliguri.
Credit: Reuters

Nepal was like a toy in the hands of nature tossed and crushed mercilessly,all walks of the lives from upper to lower class died suffocating.For me, all morality stood still as the ruthless dance of the mother earth in silence taught me a new lesson.Equally rejoice in birth and death,live careless about the death,enjoying every bit of life,respect the fellow inhabitants on planet earth,we equally share the space Mt.Everest or any river,valley  does not belongs to  any religious groups,see them as historical sites and preserve the nature. Death toll still on rise and many injured and homeless.Even after many countries have joined their hands in the relief activities,still its incomplete as the whole country was shaken by the fury of God or war between aliens or some mysterious cause.But we shall join hands and donate money and time to those who are affected by this major catastrophe.My salutation to all who were present physically  in Nepal and shouldering the responsibilities without any name or banner as well as to all who are contributing  in their own little ways.I found this link about how people like me could help by donating $1 a month in rebuilding Nepal http://www.pri.org/stories/2015-04-25/how-help-nepal-7-vetted-charities-doing-relief-work-following-earthquake.

Warm regards

Piusha Singh.

Picture Courtesy to:http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-32492232 &

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Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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4 Responses to M 7.9,April 25th 2015

  1. Reference to your above article, my thanks for sharing this tragedy. This was a massive 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck east of Pokhara in Nepal on Saturday, causing massive death, widespread damage in the capital Kathmandu and injuring dozens across the country.
    Tremors were also felt in north and east India. The tremors were felt in most cities, including Delhi, Guwahati, Patna, Ranchi, Kolkata and Jaipur. My solidarity to the victims of the drastic earthquake,


    • Piusha Singh says:

      Oh it was massive,here in Europe,various news papers and news channels including BBC,Aljazeera are broadcasting it as M7.8 still,any way it was a massive earthquake.I know the impact was and is frightening.Thank you William for your support and
      the update regarding it’s magnitude.

      Regards and love

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      • Thanks for your kind reply, I felt like scribbling as below:
        Fluster, throw-out, roar,
        shake, quiver, shiver
        tremor, trouble,trember
        shout, scream, shriek
        Earth quake, death wake
        Volcanic, beneath
        On the top of the earth,
        On the peak of the birth
        nothing waits, none in slumber
        Strike Kills, many are innocent,
        Nature reacts, earth down
        Regards & Love


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  2. Piusha Singh says:

    Yes this is what the picture in our heads but could be worse in reality and so true it’s like a big juggle by the nature.


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