Electronic cells

The saddest part in current time is we are like zombies in the techno jungle strolling in apprehension within a bubble of joy.We all seems to be blind,deaf and muted.What echoes  around is the flashing lights and buzzing quantum texts.Many busy in increasing the number of followers ,likes and a run for innumerable posts from the invisible mysterious library of the cyberspace.From my experience many of the essays are rarely read,due to the lack of patience,with title the content will be scrutinized and remarks will be written according to the input from the intellect.The article about child sexual abuse will be interpreted merely by the picture as over usage of computer by a child.

Is this the real way for happiness?Where are those days were a child used to play sand castle,pluck flowers,run behind a butterfly or dragon fly.Catching fishes,climbing trees,enjoying a game of cooking,cop and thief and unlimited number of child hood games are seen rarely as kids busy downloading games,playing online games and hooked to this wireless device 24×7.Do we want  this as the future generation ?Or Could we mold our self to bring the change from this new techno evolution?

As a parent it is possible for us to balance our thoughts and actions,as we are going to transfer same to our kids.Technology shall not be avoided but used according to the needs shall be cultivated as a daily part of our life.These social medias are an obsession and might be created with good motives but any thing is excess is poisonous.Any one addicted would say,i don’t use net but if one is constantly observe self,you could rule out self ,if anyone  spending more hours on net browsing on topics of interests,blogging or socializing through chatting rooms are having this disorder.It does not need intoxicating drugs,it’s like gambling.It’s considered as a disorder called Internet Addiction or computer addiction disorder.For which treatment is available in many hospitals.

How can we save ourselves and our kids from this disorder ?This shall not be ignored,these are the very few simple activities to do which will surely keep one detached.If you try to abstain for a ten days ,your longing for the net will be deficient try to do these which was very helpful for me.Here are five ways to be free from these electronic cells.

1)Involving with the nature.

The simplest way to keep distracted from the distractions of the net is get involved with your local nature conservation group,as nature nurtures us, so in this way we can conserve  nature and promote wildlife.A way to live happily for the future generations of planet earth.

2) Use time wisely

A disciplined life helps you to pave the foundations to stay content,peaceful and happy.Engage more in outdoor activities with your family,going for a walk,playing in the park,enjoying a sunny or farm holiday,instead of going to a restaurant have a family day were everyone cooks for the day or reading stories,enjoying a movie or going out together for shopping and many more ideas one can find to stay connected with each other.Never forget to have daily family talk time, with all the members involved, while enjoying a meal.Every one can’t gather at once so plan your time with the family before kids go to bed,the best will be supper time.


Take initiative to submit oneself involving your family in those sections of society who really need your help.Volunteer your time to bring smile to the neglected elderly,living in solitude or in nursing homes or kids with intellectual disability.People affected with Alzheimer would be delighted to meet someone new to talk and interact,despite of memory loss.Kids would learn the significance of life by seeing the realities and listening to the stories they want to say.


One can abstain completely from the social media but in the current world it’s really hard as many information we get easily from the net.So have a particular period for your online activity not more than 3 hours and try not to use net daily unless it’s really required.It sounds weird but it’s true,try it initially for 10 days then take a break of one or two days and try to be offline for another 10 days,eventually the result will be visible.Stay away from chat rooms which is really beneficial unless it’s really required.

5) Determination

Realize and acknowledge the problem as no one can rescue yourself except you.So determine to focus on balancing the mind and to set an example for your kids who will be leading the world in the future.Let’s free this fickle mind and be free from the shackles of electronic cells.



About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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2 Responses to Electronic cells

  1. Honorable Poetess Piusha Singh, Your above article refers. Very useful article both for parents as well as children, It is best said that the early days are the best days of anyone’s life. Someday or the other we all think life was more easy and fun in our childhood and we use to miss those days badly. We all were used to be good at lot of things, we do not feared of taking risks then and use to celebrate every bit of life without any worry during our childhood. But as we grow-up; we started getting busy with other stuff in our life. Our life changed and so does our priorities. When we think of our childhood memories it leaves a sweet smile on our face.By this article I intentionally try to bring those lovely memories of my childhood back , thanks for sharing this with us, Looking forward to reading more from your side,

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    • Piusha Singh says:

      Thank you dear William for your kind remarks.Yes childhood is the most precious phase in life,as a parent if we are not nurturing kids properly,we are going to create a zombie generation with electronic emotions.That’s already happening we being addicted to this social media,we tend to give the same things to our kids like play station,chat rooms online games etc.Which is not a sign for a healthy society.Everything should be used for the growth of the kids not for addiction,as unknowingly we let it happen.I was surprised to see blogging as an addiction.Any way I am glad that I am weaning myself from this social media intoxication,so i am getting more time for my family and myself.Have a good day.

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