Aruna Shanbaug

Yearning to unite with her profound love

She nurtured the dreams of a world full of

love,happiness and her sweet family.

A woman with strong will power,Aruna

aspired to reach the highest pedestal.


But destiny had a crooked plan, on

the gruesome night of Nov 27th 1973

her cards of luck were burned down to ashes.

When Sohanlal Walmiki’s,turned a devil,

chocked Aruna ,the little angel in white,

by a dog chain,sodomized,burgled and

left in a pool of blood to die unnoticed.


No medicine nor God brought her back to

normal life,as was paralyzed below neck,

lost her vision permanently,lived 42 years

of a precious life in a vegetative state.

Abandoned by her eternal love and relatives.

Conceded as a captive since that night of tragedy.


The culprit escaped by 14 years of imprisonment

without any charges of rape or attempted murder.

Shame on judiciary that no records of the criminal

was maintained,thus he enjoying a normal life in the

suburbs of the capital city in peace disguised as a sheep.


Every second of her life was a torture,awaiting for

help by two to turn,to get fed,washed or dressed in

bed ,her body locked down slowly,her hands and legs

contracted ,nails dug into both palms,still in agony

at times she smiled, staring into vacant space vaguely.

Suffered each day for 42 years to leave that crippled body.


Eventually,mercy was bestowed by the nature

relieving from her grave agony of being a prisoner

in her own body,but Aruna’s life bought the gift of

passive euthanasia to those with chronic ailment.

Was justice given to her by the law or god ?

I smile in tearful eyes to hear her demise,praying

no one should get a life like her anymore.



( My tribute to Aruna Shanbaug ,who suffered 42 years in darkness, paralyzed and muted in a vegetative state.Eventually, many people will get justice unlike Aruna as passive euthanasia is legal now in India.Hope one day the moronic male chauvinist of India will see women with respect not as a toy.).

About Piusha

Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.
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2 Responses to Aruna Shanbaug

  1. Life and Death of Aruna Shanbaug : A unbearable agony and injustice now comes to an end.
    After being sodomised while being strangled with a dog-chain a little after her 25th birthday, largely brain-dead, cortically blind, unable to speak or walk or have control over body movements, Aruna Shanbaug is incurable.
    What most people also do not realize is that while everyone knows that Aruna Shanbaug was raped that night in the hospital after she had changed into her civvies in an empty operation theatre, the police records and FIR do not mention rape anywhere. The medical examination of Shanbaug testified after a “finger test” that her virginity was intact but the court never took into account the fact that she was sodomized. Though the judgment said “the accused had gone there with the intention to rape” Sohanlal was never charged with rape. He was convicted of attempted murder and robbery because he had stolen a watch and her earrings.I strongly feel and suggest the Indian authorities to reopen the case, Dear Poetess Piusha Singh, while expressing my solidarity and grief on the demise of Aruna Shanbaug , please accept my applause for posting a powerful poem at this juncture as a tribute to her

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    • Piusha Singh says:

      Aruna’s death was a news of happiness even though her life was a misery,which i can’t imagine myself in her place for one day.God and judiciary had not shown mercy.But becoz of her, passive euthanasia is legal in India,thanks to Aruna,RIP.Thank you William ji for your kind remarks.Hope for the best.


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