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De novo

    Brewed a new concoction, out of disparities in me & him. He enjoyed being a putty in my hands,playfully we fought endlessly, kneading and sculpting a unique” US” by the bygone years of scarred memoirs. Ignoring the raised … Continue reading

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बार बार

  कैदी हूँ  या आज़ाद ये तो मौत ही बताएगा , हर एक पल सताया तूने, (  बार बार धड़का ,ये जिद्दी  दिल रुकने की उम्मीद लेकर …) बार बार हारी कुछ हसीं लम्हों के खातिर दुनिया के तमाशे में अकेले ही डूबी तेरे दर की तलाश में… (बार बार धड़का ,ये जिद्दी  दिल, रुकने की उम्मीद  लेकर …)

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A big ?

  Intrusively I strolled down, my eyes wide open,to fathom the secrets of my mere existence(A big?). Astir streets,insane minds, ardently advertised the conspiracies in the name of  a “GOD”. Being smitten by this fantasy, my mind swayed ,selfishly to … Continue reading

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