About me

Hi everybody,

Welcome to my newly redesigned site,hope we all will enjoy together.I am a futile writer and reader,and have a child hidden with in me stubborn and curious, since years which kept me exploring the new boundaries pushing the envelop of fear and ignorance.It’s a simple way to express about myself but when i start to introspect about me, “I” appeared to be more obscured.Never thought that the world of writing would fascinate me  profoundly ,as in my wildest dream i never ever had a glimpse of becoming a writer but since i started enjoying the trance of writing,could feel how mysteriously creative and addictive it is. “Still on a quest to understand the real me hidden or forgotten” would be the correct phrase.My professional life of nursing and my passion of writing and reading are two extremes but somewhere it collides as i see floating slabs of life histories around me .

Hope to show more justice through this mini venture . Friends I am honored by your great support since beginning  and hope to get connected through various posts in future,fingers crossed.


Piusha Singh

Piusha Singh

Piusha Singh

5 Responses to About me

  1. Life is divided into three conditions – that which was, which is, and which will be. Let us learn from the past to yield by the present, and from the present, to live better in the future. This is from William Shakespeare

    Perhaps the most difficult literature you will have to read in life is poetry. While the message of some poems may be fairly simple, enjoy and love your writing while it lasts, for instance-the way poets put words together often makes this message hard to pin down. Writers don’t write this way just to annoy you; rather, their sophisticated vocabulary and complex syntax help them to write with precision, to tease out the subtleties of nature and the human mind, and to create certain effects. When you read a poem, you should begin by trying to figure what the poet is saying on the surface: the content of the poem. When you can summarize this content in a few sentences, examine the way the poet conveys this content;

    in other words, analyze the poem’s form. Finally, determine how the content and form work together to create the poem’s meaning.

    Dear Poetess Piusha Singh, your new web site looks pretty good, this change is your staring point, write as many poems as possible, post them only after close scrutiny and perusal, Moreover discuss your poem with other poets, rewrite, if possible and only if this is essential, Good luck to you, Regards & Love, This is from WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

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  2. A never-ending scribbling
    is your compassion for verse

    That extends to seek infinity,

    And those that go off board,

    How great is your splendor

    That leads one to the celestial

    Doors of human passion and adore

    Some paths lead through

    Life peaks and love meadows,

    Truly filled with countless wonders

    Some paths wander through

    Deserts, hills and dark valleys

    Overflowing with endless desires.

    A never-ending scribbling
    is your compassion for verse




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  3. dartanion2 says:

    Hi Piusha!!……..I didn’t realize you had a blog……….I like this……….haven’t had a chance to read much………..but I just signed up and i’ll be trying to keep up with you…..this is cool………I wish you had told me I would have checked this out before…………your friend, Tony xo

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  4. Dear Piusha:

    Thanks for following the “Snowflakes in a Blizzard ” blog. I look forward to following yours.


    Darrell Laurant
    Snowflakes in a Blizzard.

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