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Futile writer,enjoys reading anything under sun.Still on a quest to find a new facet within me.

Gay marriages

Irish has created the history by approving gay marriages through a popular referendum,joining other countries in this row.We could read hundreds of articles about some saying yes and others disagreeing.This is a sign churches and many other religious institutions were … Continue reading

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Amidst million apprehensions, endless joy within me billowed on a wild journey. Jubilantly i  took the ride on clouds, enshrouded by a haunting caress amidst the misty range, merging breaths spotted the untold.   Enliven with a dewy kiss, immersed … Continue reading

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Aruna Shanbaug

Yearning to unite with her profound love She nurtured the dreams of a world full of love,happiness and her sweet family. A woman with strong will power,Aruna aspired to reach the highest pedestal.   But destiny had a crooked plan, … Continue reading

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Jadev Payang: a man who created a 1400 acres of forest without profit,still enjoying his life in a hut,my salutation to him.

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“A haven of aces”

Untold tales concealed with in the dark chambers of an insane mind,her eyes awaiting to overflow in bliss.   In the loop of night,fuming emotions flowed out as a turbulent river into the vastness in exuberance.   Untamed seasons blossomed … Continue reading

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Electronic cells

The saddest part in current time is we are like zombies in the techno jungle strolling in apprehension within a bubble of joy.We all seems to be blind,deaf and muted.What echoes  around is the flashing lights and buzzing quantum texts.Many … Continue reading

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M 7.9,April 25th 2015

After watching a Bollywood movie Krrish 3 on Saturday night,we were shocked to read the tragic earth quake that shook the entire Nepal,it’s tremors had created havoc in northern parts of India,Tibet and part’s of China.I had a strong feel … Continue reading

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Wrathful trance

Muted in the bargain of life and dreams, she pleaded in agony to aggregate the remnants of her broken pieces of heart, smashed boundlessly by destiny. Her heart bled amply flooding her entire world sinking her deep alive, his ego … Continue reading

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WordPress Vs Blogger

Mere thought of writing keeps me awake for hours,searching how can i connect to my readers.Recent shift from blogger to wordpress .com appears conflicting ,whether to continue blogging with blogger or wordpress.The latter is more attractive but the blogger has  … Continue reading

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The Breeze

Cynical eyes alienating  a desperate bird in an enclosure on a distant land,inaccessible to light or sound,the sole consort to her little soul was the breeze around her. With every dawn the  affinity brewed stronger. The breeze consoled  her,forgetting her  … Continue reading

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