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Gay marriages

Irish has created the history by approving gay marriages through a popular referendum,joining other countries in this row.We could read hundreds of articles about some saying yes and others disagreeing.This is a sign churches and many other religious institutions were … Continue reading

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Aruna Shanbaug

Yearning to unite with her profound love She nurtured the dreams of a world full of love,happiness and her sweet family. A woman with strong will power,Aruna aspired to reach the highest pedestal.   But destiny had a crooked plan, … Continue reading

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Electronic cells

The saddest part in current time is we are like zombies in the techno jungle strolling in apprehension within a bubble of joy.We all seems to be blind,deaf and muted.What echoes  around is the flashing lights and buzzing quantum texts.Many … Continue reading

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M 7.9,April 25th 2015

After watching a Bollywood movie Krrish 3 on Saturday night,we were shocked to read the tragic earth quake that shook the entire Nepal,it’s tremors had created havoc in northern parts of India,Tibet and part’s of China.I had a strong feel … Continue reading

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WordPress Vs Blogger

Mere thought of writing keeps me awake for hours,searching how can i connect to my readers.Recent shift from blogger to wordpress .com appears conflicting ,whether to continue blogging with blogger or wordpress.The latter is more attractive but the blogger has  … Continue reading

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A Girl

Born as a girl,a flame,not a doll for your past time. I lit the lives of many in short span,accept me as  part of your self.   Million times they aborted me  in my mothers womb. Strove recurrently to endure … Continue reading

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Since childhood, I enjoyed fireworks, always fascinated with the light and the smell of the smoke.Even though my parents use to prevent me from inhaling the smoke by advising me to hold breath but always i enjoyed the smell of … Continue reading

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I sat midst the crowd,followed them like a puppet,they were clapping for someone on the dais.In my land,we clap only when someone dies,as a respect but here people clapped for someone talking hour long.The only faint memory in my mind … Continue reading

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Remember you or your child could be the next victim.

Respect woman as she is your mother,sister,wife,grandmother,an all in one motor for the entire family not a recreational instrument.Women is not a cleavage and waistline commodity but a human with more sensibility and responsibility.It’s shocking to know the younger generations flocking into lust … Continue reading

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Is jealousy a sign of true love ?

I was in born with this quality of jealousy. Still have my childhood memories fresh me being jealous towards my brother when born. I never allowed my mother to cuddle him, breastfeed him or sleep with him, whenever i was … Continue reading

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