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De novo

    Brewed a new concoction, out of disparities in me & him. He enjoyed being a putty in my hands,playfully we fought endlessly, kneading and sculpting a unique” US” by the bygone years of scarred memoirs. Ignoring the raised … Continue reading

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A big ?

  Intrusively I strolled down, my eyes wide open,to fathom the secrets of my mere existence(A big?). Astir streets,insane minds, ardently advertised the conspiracies in the name of  a “GOD”. Being smitten by this fantasy, my mind swayed ,selfishly to … Continue reading

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  A revelation or a hallucination unknown to humanity, mortals danced on the delusional wisdom relayed from an unknown source (They vowed to serve “HIM” beyond their grave). Humanness draped in fear brawled perpetually, (to please the mighty), greed engulfed … Continue reading

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Lusty turf

Her wrinkled hands touched the rusted strings of an old guitar,slivered chords rumbled creating unsung melodies. A graveyard bloomed in festivity, daffodils carpeted the ground, as lusty turf  greedily awaited to replay the games of bodies. In denial  spirits gazed in … Continue reading

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Deep down in the dark closets of my bleached instinct,you are the only reminiscence prevailing within . Unbounded my soul contently rests in the complexities of our sacrament. As a rudimentary affection i brew in  reflecting on you. Not to perish further by … Continue reading

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Entwining  into a fragmentary  essence, at a juncture in time, She met herself under the scorched branches of an oak tree,torrid sun at it’s glory,wrathfully blinding the stretch. Earth  whirled  draped red, molten sands anticipated for drizzles of ethereal grace, transmuting … Continue reading

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After world of delusion

Floating in the crude waves With a vigor to shatter the walls of ambiguity,as animus shoots infested a garden of Eden.   Colors and radiance of amore drained in the porous chambers of  flesh and blood,as demons fought with angels … Continue reading

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