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बार बार

  कैदी हूँ  या आज़ाद ये तो मौत ही बताएगा , हर एक पल सताया तूने, (  बार बार धड़का ,ये जिद्दी  दिल रुकने की उम्मीद लेकर …) बार बार हारी कुछ हसीं लम्हों के खातिर दुनिया के तमाशे में अकेले ही डूबी तेरे दर की तलाश में… (बार बार धड़का ,ये जिद्दी  दिल, रुकने की उम्मीद  लेकर …)

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Cocoons of lame minds brooding invariably,in this fragmentary world of you and me,I saw them alive amid the bubbles of pulsating sanctuaries. Deep sighs averted them from suffocating within the wrap of covetous emotions. Blazing eyes  endured  swaddled to peddle into portions … Continue reading

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Jadev Payang: a man who created a 1400 acres of forest without profit,still enjoying his life in a hut,my salutation to him.

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A Girl

Born as a girl,a flame,not a doll for your past time. I lit the lives of many in short span,accept me as  part of your self.   Million times they aborted me  in my mothers womb. Strove recurrently to endure … Continue reading

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Unknown Peaks

Submerged in the clouds of questions,I dived deep within my unexplored self of essence. My breaths wrestling hard to break the silences of night. Showers of Atlantic rain freezing everything impartially except  few immortal impulses hidden deep thrusting me forward.  … Continue reading

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Reverie land

Vague thoughts popping in and out of my mind. Apprehensive about the stillness surrounding me. I drifted from one shore of  fantasy to another, hopping between the cluttered cloudy garden to  a joyful ride on a fierce dragon spitting fire,crossing … Continue reading

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Bustling in a castle on a cloud ,Sculpted  it to dismantle in love.Unbounded affection pulsating,awaiting to submerge in the eyes. Ineffable adulation nurtured deep , living in your memories a pleasure .Peeked light in darkness on the amazingadvent of love,as … Continue reading

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Memories ,the only asset left behind,when we walk down the long lane of life!!

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Your baggage should be opened by yourself..Never depend on others to lean on,as it will lead to suffering!!

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Love doesn’t require any language,religion,education,norms or culture.Just let ones heart rule your inner and outer kingdom.Live your life in love,spread its fragrance around you and to distant  lands not by possession….

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